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TargetProcess v.2.11 Released. Selenium and NUnit on board

Today we’ve released v.2.11. It has some nice features and the major are:

Navigation flows
Already mentioned in previous post. It is a great help for novice users to become familiar with TargetProcess. Also it may works nicely as an alternative navigation.

Selenium and NUnit integration
Automated acceptance testing integration is a long awaited feature. Integration as usual implemented via plugins and it is really easy to add integration with any testing framework that may provide results in parseable format.

Getting Started area
Nothing to add. Contains useful information about TargetProcess usage.

Sample project generation
It is easier to learn the system when it has some real data. Now you may generate sample project and examine all reports, lists, etc.

Also with v.2.11 we are providing source code of all plugins under BSD license. You are free to modify and change them to fit your needs. They will be available for download next week.

More information about v.2.11

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