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Upcoming Feature: Epics as one more hierarchy level

We are going to share solutions and concepts and accumulate feedback from customers on early stages. We’ve started to work on Epics functionality and here is what we are going to release in about 2 months.

Why Epics? Quite often Feature is not enough. For example, you have a large feature that takes 6 months to implement and you want to break it to 6 smaller features. Now if you do that, you will have 6 unrelated features, but in fact they should be tracked as a single entity and here you can create an Epic that includes all these features.


New hierarchy will look like that:


What’s different about Epic? Here are the list of differences between Epic and Feature:

  • Epic can’t be assigned to Release, so it can span several Releases.
  • Epic doesn’t have Bugs
  • Epic doesn’t have User Stories
  • Epic does have a list of related Features

Epics visualizations

It will be possible to have a list of requirements: Epics -> Features -> User Stories.


It will be possible to create board with Epics grouped by states and see Epics flow


It will be possible to create Timeline with Epics

It will be possible to create a board that shows Features as cards and Epics as lanes


We need your feedback!

What do you think about the solution above?
Do you have any specific requests about Epics functionality?
Can you provide scenarios how you are going to use Epics?

Thank you in advance.

Targetprocess Screen Capture: Chrome Extension

Quite often you want to capture a screenshot and create a new bug in Targetprocess. If you are a tester and use Google Chrome we have great news for you: Targetprocess Screen Capture Chrome Extension does exactly that.

Install the extension and capture selected areas or full windows:

Select area

For example, you re-design company web site and decide to change a color of a title (this is so usual request designers love to receive). You select an area and push Enter:

Select area 2

Then you see an editor that helps to annotate the screenshot. You can highlight areas with various tools, change colors and write text. Here we use arrow and text tools:

Targetprocess Screen Capture

As a result, we pointed to the required title and wrote what should be changed:

Targetprocess Screen Capture 2

It is time to add this bug into Targetprocess application. You click green plus button on the left and select Bug option. Fill in required fields and click Add button:

Targetprocess Screen Capture 3

Bug is added! Now we can navigate to Targetprocess and maybe assign it to someone or add additional information:

Targetprocess Screen Capture 4

Here is it.

Targetprocess Bug View

Install Targetprocess Screen Capture extension, use it, give your feedback and write reviews.

Targetprocess 3.2.6: QA Improvements

This release includes several improvements that make the life of QA people easier. These are just a few first steps in what is supposed to be a major betterment of QA area in Targetprocess, and still more features, such as Test Steps, will be released soon.

Test Plans are Assignable

Test Plans have states and can be assigned to users now. This simplifies creating Test Plans. For example, you can break down all testing into several Test Plans, assign them to testers and track Test Plans creation progress. Testers will write Test Cases and move Test Plan from “Open” to “In Progress” and then to “Done” states.

New Test Runner

Targetprocess 3 has a brand new Test Runner. You can create Test Runs and execute Test Cases easily.

Test Cases inside Test Plan

Test Cases list inside Test Plan is re-designed. Now you can create and edit Test Cases faster.

Fixed Bugs

  • Print view: hide blank sections
  • Detail view in v2 not working in IE8
  • Moving cards in timeline is extremely slow in IE

US On-Demand Servers Issues

Unfortunately we have problems with one of our file servers and have to temporally switch to the reserved one. As a result you may experience difficulties with the login to Targetprocess. We are working on the issue and will bring back the application working capacity asap.

Please check for updates or follow our Twitter account

UPDATE: Accounts are operational again, all attachments are  recovered.

Share a Board with Anyone in Targetprocess 3

Today we released Boards Sharing functionality. This idea has 184 votes — first place!

Finally, you can share Targetprocess board with anyone. The functionality is restricted, of course. Shared boards are read-only, so external people can only see a board and some of card’s details (description, status, assigned people and comments). No updates are possible from a shared board.

Shared boards are updated every two minutes, so you can even open them on a large TV screen and use a shared board as an information radiator.

Here is an example of a shared board: This board shows our current development progress by features in Targetprocess project, real-time.

NOTE: Boards Sharing functionality is available to On-Demand customers only (so far).

Let’s explore the full flow. Every board contains the Share Board icon right near the board’s name.

Click it and see the Share Board button. When you click the button, the shared board will be created immediately.

Now all you have to do is copy the link and send it to anyone:

A person opens a link and sees the shared board. It is possible to click on cards to see additional details. So far details can’t be configured. If you need more/less details — please, let us know. We will consider your input for future development.

Here is how card details look:

Please, share your feedback here in comments. We really wish to make Boards Sharing functionality as helpful as possible.

Targetprocess 3.0.1 Released

This release has important bug fixes and several improvements.

Minor Improvements

  • Plain text email notifications
  • Custom fields for Team Iterations added
  • Full user names in comments
  • Cumulative Flow chart: filter by Release added

Bugs Fixed

  • Dates inconsistency in the new look, if server runs in a different time zone
  • Object reference exception on running test cases that are not attached to a user story
  • Subversion plugin: ‘view diff’ and mapping of deleted users fixed
  • Inner list views corrected for screens with 1280×800 resolution
  • Short link does not work if a user is not in a project team
  • User is not able to delete relation if ‘delete’ permission is not granted to his role
  • Multi selection does not work on Windows 8 (Chrome and Firefox)

Targetprocess 3

Hi folks,

3 years ago we got stuck. Yes, we improved the product but somehow lost the roots. Targetprocess started to look like a good ordinary tool, but novelty vanished. We wanted to create the best agile tool, and failed.

So we started to act. We’ve learned how you work, and which problems you face. What you like. What you hate. We tried to address it all in a single hit. I believe we made a major breakthrough in our vision, and that’s how the concept for new Targetprocess 3 was born:

Targetprocess 3 concept

Targetprocess 3 is flexible. Sure, every vendor claims their software is flexible, but in our case it really is. The new Targetprocess is challenging the status quo and may seem unusual when you try it first. But once you grasp the main concept, you’ll feel the power.

Multi Teams
For some strange reason there’s no agile PM software that supports multiple teams naturally. Yes, you can handle that with quirky workarounds, but why would you have to do that? Targetprocess 3 fits any company structure: from design studios, where a single team works on many projects, to huge enterprises that require a cumulative effort of many teams. Now you can plan work and track progress across many teams and projects.

Many Boards
Boards in Targetprocess 3 are really cool. You can create any board in a minute: Kanban Board, Task Board, Work by Person, Roadmap and many, many others. The Board UI handles huge data easily via collapsing, focusing and zooming. It helps you add entities quickly, select any entities you want and manipulate them via batch drag and drop.

Live + Mobile
Other nice additions include iPhone/iPad app to handle projects on the go and Live Updates in a browser screen without page refreshes, which is handy for remote meetings.

We’re so proud that after 17 months of development and beta testing we can share Targetprocess 3 with you:

Projects by Teams board in Targetprocess 3

Great things take time, and we didn’t implement all the major features we wanted in this public release. But this is the foundation upon which we shall build further, while listening to your feedback. More great things are already on thу way, like Timelines, Hierarchical Lists with inline editing, Customizable Cards.

Thank you for your patience.

I invite you to jump on board and share the journey with us.

TargetProcess v.2.24.1: Better Search, Link to Entity, Better Image Attachments

New release v.2.24.1 is there with many improvements.

Search Improvements

  • It is possible to search inside custom fields
  • Search by numbers works (finally!)
  • Search indexing works several times faster.

Views Improvements

The editor was improved and restyled.

Drag and Drop Images

Now you can add pictures right into the Description field via drag and drop!

Quick Links

Now you can send links to the Views quickly with a predefined format [url]/entity/[id]. For example, this link points to the entity with id = 87443:


The “share link” action has been added to all the Views, so you can send someone a link to a particular entity faster.

Quick Add Section

The Quick Add actions have been moved into a separate section, and now there’s no redirect to another page to add anything.

Fixed Bugs

  • Bugs with deleted attachments cannot be imported from Bugzilla
  • Mercurial Plugin – “unknown revision ’3/17/2013′” error when specifying a start date in profile settings
  • Attachments are not completely removed from the server when a user story is deleted
  • TP update fails due to DB being locked by plugins during SQL update phase
  • Git plugin error “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime” if TP is installed on non-English Windows
  • ‘Mark as Duplicate’ service fails

Weekly Photo #4

Customize Cards Team is actively discussing implementation details. Initially everybody was standing near the board, but after two hours of intensive communication depletion took’em all.

targetprocess people photo

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