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Targetprocess 3.7.0: Milestones and Entity Test Plans


Since the world is so dynamic, we have to be on time with our projects to be successful. Starting from the v.3.7.0 you can now visualize important milestones on a timeline view. Simply add a new milestone and specify what projects it relates to. Now you can track whether your progress is effective enough to complete work on time.


To see all milestones in one place, you can use the ‘Milestones’ widget on a Dashboard.

Milestones Widget

You can find more details about Milestones in the Targetprocess Guide.

Entity Test Plan

Imagine you have a bug, which you need to test. With the new Entity Test Plan functionality you can create a bug test plan and easily add new test cases or link existing ones to it with just a few clicks. When it’s time to test a user story, which this bug relates to,  you can create a user story test plan and automatically link any related bugs’ and tasks’ test plans to it. Link several more existing test cases or plans, which have to be executed during any user story testing, and you are ready to go. Now you can execute this user story test plan as many times as you need and keep all the run results.


Later when it’s time to test the whole release, you just create a release test plan and include all the user stories test plans into it with just one click.

Milestones Widget

It is possible create a test plan for any of the following entities and operate with them in a similar way as you currently do with an independent test plan:

  • Epic
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Task
  • Bug
  • Request
  • Build
  • Release
  • Iteration
  • Team Iteration

As a result, your test cases and test plans can be beautifully structured according to your entities hierarchy and easily managed.


More details are available in the Targetprocess Guide.

Copy Test Case Run Details to a Bug Description

When you create a bug from a test case run, now test case run details are automatically copied to the description of the bug, so you can easily see what are the steps to reproduce and where exactly the bug has been found:


Responsible Team axis

Before this release you could create a view with a Team axis that showed all the cards that are assigned to different teams. If you’ve started using the team workflow feature and have different team workflows created, this didn’t really help to see what cards the team is currently responsible for.

From v.3.7.0 you can now create a view that will show all the items assigned to the team that they are responsible for, based on their team workflow. For example, if a story is assigned to a team and it is in a project state that is mapped to a team state for this team, then it will be shown in the team’s lane.  When it gets to a state in the project workflow that is not mapped to a team state it will no longer be shown in this teams lane, as they are no longer responsible for it. Instead, it will appear under the heading No Responsible Team, since there is a team assigned but no related team state.

For now views using the Responsible Team axis are read-only.  This means you will not be able to move cards between responsible teams or use quick add on this view.

‘Share link’

The URL is now automatically copied to the system clipboard.
share link copy

Markdown editor

Markdown is now available for the whole account in comments and descriptions. It also supports Emoji.


Code highlights is supported, so you can format code examples much better now.

Finally, you can save changes using Ctrl+Enter shortcut.

We value your feedback and consider your suggestions when come back to our new features to improve on them.

Minor Features

  • Visual Encoding now supports multiple and custom colors

Targetprocess 3.6.6: Calculated Custom Fields (beta)

Calculated Custom Fields

You have Budget, Expenses fields for Project and want to calculate your projects Profit? Want to compare the actual effort spent to the initial estimates? Have to compute the costs of a feature or story development?

In v.3.6.6  we introduce an elementary calculations of custom fields.  Now you can create your own formula-based calculated custom fields.  Use the built in properties for an item or even other custom fields that are a number, text, date or check box type.

For example,  you have a custom field “Complexity” of a drop-down type with values “Low”/”Average”/”High”. Basing on a feature complexity you may calculate the costs of its implementation. Then you should add a calculated custom field “Cost” where the formula would be:

Effort*(IIF(Complexity==”Low”,10, IIF(Complexity==”Average”, 11, 15))),

where IIF is an Inline IF function which takes 3 parameters (evaluated expression, value for true, value for false)

See some examples of how you can use them!


Apart from Calculated Custom fields, two more enhancements have been added

Cross-process Custom Fields for Projects

In the past when you wanted to change a custom field for all projects, you had to update the custom field in each Process separately. Now you can create a cross-process custom field for the Project entity. When you add a custom field for the Project entity, you can now choose the related processes. In this case, all the projects which run selected processes will use the same custom field, and you can edit it for all the projects in one place.

cross process

Money Custom Field

Also a new type for custom field  has been added, Money, which handles a currency type. You might want using it for storing monetary values.

money cf

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Test Plan/Case prioritization from the Test Plan view
  • Fixed card duplication on One-by-One view mode if board is configured with a many-to-many axis
  • Fixed quick add for the Team State axis if team states were reordered (for non-admin users)
  • Fixed a broken loader from the Create Run button on a Test Plan view

Targetprocess 3.6.5: Unsaved Comments Recovering, Create a Project from a Request

Prevent the loss of unsaved comments

Before this release when you would type a comment and then accidentally close the view, the comment was lost. From v.3.6.5 if you write a comment, then switch to another view without saving it, the comment will be restored when you go back to it.

Export to .csv from a board now takes into account filters, paging and focus

With this release we’ve enhanced the export to a .csv from a board. Now if you have your board filtered or focused on a particular set of rows and columns and then export it, you will see the same set of cards in the csv file as the board shows. Another improvement is if you have a really large board spanning several pages, then all the cards across all the pages will be exported. By default, the number of exported entities is limited to 1000, but this can be changed in Web.config file.  You will need to modify this line:  <add key=”CsvSlice.TakeLimit” value=”1000″ />

‘Convert to Project’ and ‘Create Related Project’ actions added for Requests

Now you can create a new project directly from a request instead of just a feature, user story or bug, because it is what it is, a project. Alternatively request could be converted to a project.

create project from request

Markdown as an option for the Description editor (per account only)

Starting from v.3.6.5 Markdown lovers and early adopters can switch the Description editor to work with Markdown for the whole account.  Administrators can switch the default editor for new entities from the Settings Gear > Settings > General Settings > Editor Settings.

When this is enabled for any new descriptions, except for requests, you’ll write in plain text that will be converted to HTML.  The Description of all old entities and requests will still use CK editor.

Currently we support basic Markdown and drag-and-drop images to the Description. Please, refer to the GitHub Markdown Guide for examples to see how easy-to-use this plain text editor.

We are working on enhancements to this and adding Markdown for Comments which will be released later.

markdown in Descr

Minor Features

  • Relations: Project added to the entity lookup
  • Sync interval for the Git Plugin is changeable now

 Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the Time scale scroll for a Build Date
  • An Observer cannot access the History tab of an entity view
  • Restrict users from setting a Test Case Run status if they do not have Test Plan Run edit permissions
  • Fixed Test Cases/ Plans prioritization in a List mode view after dropping them from another hierarchy level
  • Reset an entity state to initial after ‘Copy’ action
  • Forbid to assign several teams to Assignable
  • Fixed Requesters count that increases while moving Request card through Requester axis
  • Fixed view sharing when the limit of public views is exceeded according to license
  • Fixed saving a filter for the ‘Created Date’ axis
  • When a Feature is copied to a Project the Epic field isn’t copied
  • Optimize context related requests for an entity view when opened from a Board

Targetprocess 3.6.3: Views in a Group have the same access permissions

Left Menu Improvements

Starting from v.3.6.3 all Views in a Group will always have the same access permissions.

If you change the permissions of a Group it will automatically be applied to any Boards, Lists, Timelines, Reports and Dashboards that are part of this Group.   With this update you no longer have to modify the permissions for each View in a Group individually.  As a result, when a View is part of a Group you cannot change the access permissions of a specific view, this will always be inherited from the Group.

change group access

Fixed Bugs

  • Improved performance of Request view and Relations
  • Fixed Visual Studio plugin memory leak
  • Team State doesn’t show in State selector if there are no subsequent Team States available
  • View access setup: Disable “Send notification” button after sending an access change notification
  • Start Date isn’t set when progress is started by moving an entity to a Team State
  • Cannot add Test Plan Run if Test Cases practice is not enabled in the default process
  • Fixed Test Run Import plugins to work with new test run statuses

Targeprocess 3.6.2: Add Relation to Epic, Left Menu and List Improvements

Left Menu Improvements

We keep moving towards a possibility to do single-step changes of all the Views inside a Group.

Group owner becomes an owner of all Views inside

Starting from this version, all Group owners are added to their Views owners list as well. Now if you see any person as a Group owner, you definitely know that he could change any View in this Group. Therefore from now all the private Views departed their public and custom shared Groups.

group owner

View access changes when moves to the Group
In v.3.6.2 when you move an existing View to a Group with a different access you are warned that View will change its access permissions in order to match its Group settings.

share view

Lists Improvements

Drag and drop in the List View is more useful — you can start moving item to a collapsed node, the necessary one will expand on the spot


Team workflow improvement

It wasn’t possible to edit team states in a team workflow as soon as they are created. From now you don’t need to re-create the whole team workflow when you need to modify it. You can easily change a state name or simply remove a state from a team workflow.

team wf delete state

Add relations to Epic

Finally the new entity type appears in Add Relation lookup similar to other entities.

Epic in relations

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed layout of a board with collapsed rows if Test Plan selected as horizontal lane
  • Fixed Burn Down Chart that displayed info in points for processes in hours
  • Fixed error “Sequence contains more than one matching element” when new Team Workflow added
  • Fixed exceptions when Tasks transfer to next states and their stories are in Planned state and “Developer” role doesn’t exist
  • Card doesn’t show immediately in its new cell if prioritize with <Shift>
  • Custom report fails to load if filter by date applied and application culture is not the en-US
  • Fixed search by test cases failure if there is a match in test steps
  • Fixed Dashboard charts that showed only one Date bar
  • Fixed “Something weird happened” when assign User Story or Bug to Epic from a Board view
  • Fixed history for Team Iterations
  • Fixed improper order if the same card is prioritized several times in a row
  • Fixed left menu to hide/show Views properly when their access level changed from public to custom
  • Assignable.Team should be editable in REST API

Targetprocess 3.6.1: Visual Encoding

Meet the new beta feature which allows you to color cards by your own rules — Visual Encoding!

Now you can specify the color saturation and highlight cards by some property importance or highlight even intervals of certain properties like Effort or Time Spent.


Read the detailed feature announcement.

Lists Improvements

Drag and drop items between levels
You can move items between different levels in hierarchical lists: User Story to Feature, Feature to Release, etc.

Lookup for linking entities added to inner lists.
Often you want to attach existing  Bug to User Story you’re working at the moment. So now you can find it quickly and assign Bugs to User Stories, or Features to Epics right from the view via entity lookup


Minor improvements

#84602 Customize Cards: Add unit ‘Open/total bugs’ for Feature
#98190 Left Menu Improvements: Add tooltips for long view and group names

Fixed Bugs

#77526 Run Estimate Field Calculations on a Test Plan View
#98369 Plugins: Update Mylyn connector to work with DB of v.3.5.5
#95375 Show local time in comments
#62763 Removed messages duplication in a Quick Add
#97674 Cannot set value in a long drop-down custom field if screen resolution is 1920×1200
#95793 Fixed comet failures while processing notifications on comment update
#97690 All test steps changes will be reverted if user doesn’t have permissions on Test Case/Test Plan Run edit
#97712 Improved performance of a Quick Add in Relations tab of the view
#97878 Fixed Team names duplication in ‘Used by’ form when one team use the same workflow in different projects
#98222 Team permissions are not applied to list of tests on Test Plan view
#98371 Fixed test steps / test step runs layout when description or expected results contain long links
#98409 Fixed resource comet: states were not updated
#98451 Add spent/remaining time from the list should be disable for Epics and Features
#98471 Fixed: non-admin user cannot modify new Custom Report description
#98658 Fixed failing first login page for admin

Targetprocess 3.6.0: Dashboards, Graphical Reports and Test Plan Run Results Freezing

This major release focuses on better information visualization and insights. With Dashboards and Custom Graphical Reports you have a powerful tools to see deeper and understand more about projects, team, work and plans.

Please, give us feedback about these features. We are going to improve them in the next couple of months based on your real needs.

Custom Graphical Reports

Reports should be used to see aggregated data and progress over time. So far you can create line charts, bar charts and scatterplots. Facets are supported as well, so you can group information by various categories and compare projects, teams, features, see trends in cycle time, quality and many other areas.

For example, the report below shows user stories (circles) for every team and for the last four months. Each small chart shows Effort vs. Cycle Time correlation. You see what teams create larger user stories, what team completes stories faster, what team has less consistent estimates.

Graphical Report: Teams / Month vs Cycle Time and Effort

Reports are really flexible, check documentation to create your own report:

Reports Setup
What you should know
Advanced topics
Use Cases


Dashboards help to aggregate information from various sources and show it in a single place. In Targetprocess you can create as many dashboards as you want: for a single team, for QA, for development tracking, etc. Explore some use cases.

There are three sources of dashboard widgets:

  1. Predefined widgets in a library
  2. Any List. You can create a List and drag and drop from left menu to a Dashboard.
  3. Any Graphical Report. Create a report and drag and drop it from left menu to Dashboard.


Read the guides about Dashboards:

Use Cases

Test Plan Runs results freezing

The freezing possibility allows to keep test run results unchanged forever. Now you can easily re-use existing test cases and test plans for testing a newer version of your software, even if it requires some modifications, and not to worry about loosing the historical information. Read more about test runs results freezing.

QA Area enhancements

We’ve made a lot of small improvements on test plan and test plan run views. We believe they will make it easier to work with test cases and test plans, execute them and see run results.

Now on a test plan view you can see a new list of test plan runs, from where you can quickly start a test plan run execution. There is a new section on the right, where you can create a new test plan run with just a single click and see how many open test plan runs there are right now.

Test Plan New View

On a test plan run view you can see a similar section on the right and quickly start or continue a test plan run execution. There is also a number of open and total bugs in this test plan run and current run results. A new Start/End Date unit has been added for test case runs and test plan runs, so now you can see when an execution was started and whether it’s already completed.


Audit history is now available for a test case run, so it’s easy now to see who made changes in it.

Left menu changes

We’ve accumulated feedback about left menu problems and are fixing them now. Some improvements included into this release.

Only owner/admin can change groups/views order
Previously anyone could change order of Groups and Views in the left menu. It lead to confusion since many users had different ordering and it was impossible to create a solid structure of company wide Groups. Now only Admin can freely change order of public Groups and Views. Non-admin users can still re-order their private Groups and Views.

NOTE: Order of Groups in your left menu will change with this update as a side effect of this change.

Action: Delete Group with all its Views
Sometime you want to delete a Group with all Views inside this Group. Now you have an action that does exactly that. Use with care:

Remove group with views action

List improvements: Inline edit for Team, Project and Custom Fields

In this release you can edit more fields in Lists. Team, Project and some types of Custom Fields (Date, Drop Down, Text and Number) are editable now.


Requester entity in Views and Lists

Now you can create lists and boards that display Requesters entities.

Requesters List

Minor improvements

  • Search by Test Steps fragments.
  • TFS plugin: added a custom synch interval option.
  • TFS plugin: support the on-demand TFS service
  • Customize cards: added ‘Initial estimate’ unit for Features.

Fixed bugs

#97114 Fixed posting decimal time records for cultures other than en-EN
#96236 Prohibit from creating custom fields which names start from a number
#93675 Test Cases / Test Case Runs View layout is broken when there’s not enough space
#93533 Unexpected View opens after another one removed
#96546 Duplicated processes appear in custom reports if non-admin is both a Project member and a Team member
#97518 Improved performance of the view related to proper processes and custom fields selection
#97925 ‘Time spent/remaining’ unit fixed to fit the M-size cards
#97271 Fixed the link to the entity if it was added from the List view
#84510 Fixed Team/Project selector in the quick add form on Relations tab of the entity view

Targetprocess 3.5.5: Team Workflow

Team Workflow

Team workflows may become very useful when there are multiple teams working on the same projects (or projects which use the same process) and teams prefer their own way to work on items. Starting from now teams can run entities, like user stories, bugs and others, through the states that may differ from the states in a common project workflow. This allows teams to follow their real life workflows, and help project managers easily track the progress across all the teams not without being confused about each team’s specific workflow. Read more about Team Workflow feature.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 00.00.06 4

QA area improvements

We’ve added a related Bugs list to a Test Plan Run view. Now you can see what bugs are related to all the test case runs in this test plan run in one place.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.50.49 2

When look at a Bug view, you can similarly see what test case runs this bug has affected:

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.55.08 2We’ve also replaced a list of test case runs on a test case view. Now you can clearly see which test plan runs a test case has been executed in, what were the run results and when it has been done.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 13.02.45 2


Allow users to choose TP3 or TP2 to be loaded on entry

A new option added especially for our long standing customers, who have a mixed v.2/v.3 licenses. Now you can go to Personal Settings and choose the version, which you want to see by default after logging in.

Now if I have this checkbox in my settings on and follow the link then I’ll get to Targetprocess v.3. If the box is unchecked, I’ll see Targetprocess v.2 as before

Personal Settings


Minor Features

  • Show date and time of attachments
  • Mashups that affect the application performance will be listed in the diagnostics report
  • Requester as a view lane: now it’s possible to create a board or a list view of Requests grouped by Requester


Fixed Bugs

  • Bugzilla comment is truncated if it contains a special sequence of symbols
  • Follow email: smart new line
  • ‘Entity Not Found’ screen overlaps the other pop-ups from the top menu
  • Improved performance of a bug Duplicates
  • Unable to delete workflow state
  • Fixed: fail to rename Process State in Safari on a MAC
  • Replaced TP to TR in the Open/Total Test Plan Run unit


Targetprocess 3.5.4: Cross-Project Releases, Web Hooks

Cross-project Releases

If you work on product that include several components or application that are being developed in a multiple teams in parallel, synchronize their releases in time and ship under one new version, you might be interested in a single Release for planning and tracking.

Starting from 3.5.4 you can create a shared Release that will allow you to plan work from different projects under the one Release and track the progress within one Burn Down Chart! Read more in a detailed feature guide

Cross project releases

Outgoing Web Hooks Plugin

Outgoing web hook plugin allows you to listen to triggers in Targetprocess entities, which will then send relevant data to external URL in real-time. With this plugin you can integrate Targetprocess  with third-party services:

Web Hooks in Targetprocess

For example, we did it with Slack communication platform. Read the instructions here

Fixed Bugs

#82925 Assigned feature resets when converting Bug to Story and vice versa
#96105 Inability to unassign Team from Project – “Too many parameters were provided in this RPC request”
#91797 Error “UserFirstName UserLastName is already allocated to the Scrum project”
#95068 Fail to update Initial Estimate for Features and Epics and Velocity for Iterations
#95168 Restore the “Show Weekends” option state in burn down charts
#95342 Custom field value is not saved when new entity is added via SOAP API
#84433 I can’t move a user to “No Team” cell while he’s assigned to any other team
#82217 Inadequate pull-down filters length in the entity lookup

Targetprocess 3.5.3: Custom Business Rules

Custom Business Rules

Starting from this release you can extend the default business rules and Targetprocess will automatically do some additional actions that you’ll choose. For example, now if you assign any Bug to User Story, the defect might be auto-assigned to a User Story’s Feature. You can find all the new rules list in the ‘Settings > Custom Rules (NEW!)’  below the ‘Settings > Processes’ item, available for admin users.

Read more about Custom Rules in the new blog post!


QA Area: New On Hold run result and a possibility to skip test cases naturally

A new On Hold run result is introduced for test case runs. The skip action can still be performed by clicking the Next Test Case button, which is active always now and can be clicked any moment of time even with no run result selected.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 13.47.41 2


QA Area: Show a Tester in the Test Runs list on a Test Plan Run view

When a test case is started being executed, i.e. if a test step in it is marked as passed/failed or a test case run result is specified, we can see now who is executing a test case run. This allows to avoid many people working on the same test case run simultaneously.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 13.58.36 2


Fixed Bugs

#93839 QA Area: ‘Run date’ unit in the Test Runs list

#93654 QA Area: fixed long Test Case Run names display

#92146 QA Area: Test Plan Run counts are not updated when inner Test Plan Runs are deleted

#94282 QA Area: fixed “You can’t do that” error when move Test Plan card from clipboard to test plan lane

#67318 Fixed error message in board view by User if a new entity is added and its project is not selected.

#69089 Project, Team views: unable to correct and add a new team (or a project) if a duplicate team name has been added before

#93435 Fixed all “You can’t do that” error messages

#94466 Fixed shortened list of Projects in the entity lookup filter in the Relations tab

#94554 Fixed limitation of teams list in a Project view

#92780 Fixed annoying message on reconnect

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