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Targetprocess 3.3.0: Left Menu Re-design

This release has some major improvements, and the most cool is:

New Left Menu

We completely re-designed left menu based on your feedback and pain points. Now you can create public, shared and private Groups, organize Views in a more structured way and setup unified menu for the whole company. You can find Views and Groups in a snap, add Views into Favorites section and hide redundant Views and Groups easily.

Left Menu in Targetprocess

Let’s briefly review major changes.


Create Public, Team-shared or Private Groups and combine Views. For example, you can create public QA Group and put all QA related Views into this Group. Or you can create Roadmaps Group and put all related Views there. Also you can create private Groups and organize your personal Views:

Left Menu Groups in Targetprocess

Quick Search

Start typing Group or View name in a search field and all Groups/Views will be filtered according to the letters you entered:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.36.11 AM

Context menu

Right click on any View or Group or left click on three dots sign next to it and see a context menu with available actions. You can open Setup mode, Rename View or Group, Change Access settings, Hide Views and Groups.



You can hide any View or Group by choosing ‘Hide’ option in context menu. Quite often you really don’t care about some public Groups and don’t want to see them. You can easily modify visibility for every Group and View. For example, here I don’t want to see iOS team progress, so I hide this Group:

Show / Hide Views from Left Menu

Quick Re-Order

In previous version of the Left Menu there was a special mode to re-order Views. Now you can do that right away. Just drag View and move it into required place. Each user can prioritize Views as he likes, it won’t affect other users.


Most likely you have several Views that you use every day. Now you can easily add these Views into Favorites section and always have them on top.

Read complete Guide about Left Menu functionality. We really appreciate your feedback about this new major improvement!

Sign in from web site

It is not so easy to remember exact URL for your OnDemand account, so now you can log in into your OnDemand site right from the web site. Just open page and enter your email and password:


Group Projects by Programs in Top Menu

We are working on a better Programs support in Targetprocess. In this release Projects in Top Menu are grouped by Programs:


Improved State columns merge

In previous versions it was not possible to put Planned state after UX state, for example. Quite often it is required to have some preliminary states before Planned. Now we have fixed this problem.

New merge algorithm works this way:

  • Open, Planned and Done states will be merged regardless their names. In other words, states that are marked as Initial, Planned or Final from one flow will be merged with the states which are marked the same in the other flow.
  • States that were placed before Planned state should not appear after it.
  • States with the same Names will be merged.

For example we have two flows:

  1. Open – UX – Planned – In Dev – Done
  2. Open – Dev Ready – In Dev – Review – Done

As a result, we’ll have a board with the following columns:

Open – UX – (Planned, Dev Ready) – In Dev – Review – Done

QA Area improvements

Add Bug from Test Case Run View

No need to switch Views if you found a defect during test execution, Create Bug button is now available next to the Test Case Run status. Just click it and add as many Bugs as you need.

Insert Test Steps using hot keys

If you need to insert a Test Step somewhere in the middle or in the beginning of the case, you don’t necessarily have to add it in the end and then drag it to the place you want. New Test Step can be also added using hot keys. Select any Test Step and hit:

  • ‘Ctrl’ (‘Cmd’) + ‘Enter’ – to add a Step after the current one
  • ‘Ctrl’ (‘Cmd’) + ‘Shift’ +  ‘Enter’ – to add a Step before the current one
  • ‘Ctrl’ (‘Cmd’) + ‘Del’ – to delete a Test Step

Time tab redesign

Time tab re-designed on all views. You can add Time records, modify Spent/Remaining time and delete time records faster now:

Fixed Bugs

  • Refresh button: when clicking the refresh view button, the view loads forever and flask does not disappear
  • Request is not created when an email is sent to undisclosed recipients
  • CKEditor bugs when the item is opened by direct link (Share link)
  • SSL issue with JIRA connector

Targetprocess 3.2.8: Introducing Test Steps

Test Case Steps (new in Targetprocess 3!)

Test Case Steps is something that we haven’t had available in Targetprocess v.2. This is a brand new entity introduced in Targetprocess 3. Test Cases can now be broken down into Test Steps.

With Test Steps, you can log very detailed instructions for Test Cases, if needed. Test steps can be added or removed by clicking ‘Add step/result’ links or a cross sign.

Next, now you can mark the exact  Test Step  where an error occurred in a Test Case Run. Test Case Run results are not tied to Test Step Run statuses. That is, all your Test Steps can be failed, but you would still be able to mark your Test Case Run as passed, if you want.

Test Steps can be imported from a .csv file (‘Settings’ – ‘Import’) as well, just as other Targetprocess entities. Remember to create or import Test Cases before importing Test Steps.


Old Test Case ‘Steps’ and ‘Success’ field are not used in Targetprocess anymore, they are still available in API but are going to be removed in the nearest future. This does not mean the data will be lost of course. During the upgrade both Steps and Success will be added to a special table in the new Description field. If you are using Steps and Success in Custom Reports, Import, Plugins, DSL Filters, Rest API or anywhere else – make sure you are ready for upcoming changes.


An alert message to Admin: no email notifications for their own actions

Now, while setting up email notifications, you’ll see an alert that you won’t be notified by email about your actions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Cannot add Team Iteration if a required custom field for team iteration exists in a non-default Process
  • Invalid URL is not resolved correctly: endless ‘Initializing Application’ stag

Targetprocess 3.2.7: Custom Terms

Custom Terms and Redesigned Terms Editor in Targetprocess v.3:

Targetprocess 3 is very customizable for all things project management, and we hope you had a chance to try the tool’s innovative features. On the other hand, some handy legacy features of Targetprocess 2 have been missing, and we are working to make them available in Targetprocess 3. Custom Terms is one such feature. Now you can customize  terms for your development process the way you want, and you can do that in the improved terms editor UI.   Custom terms can be used for the following Targetprocess 3  entities:

  • Release
  • Iteration
  • Team Iteration
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Bug
  • Build
  • Impediment

To configure your Terms, go to Processes in System Settings. As an example, you can type in ‘Epic’ instead of  ‘Feature’ (the plural form  will be auto-prompted but you can always change it, if something is wrong). Note that all the changes can be reverted by clicking ‘Reset to default’ button.

Custom Terms make their appearance throughout Targetprocess 3:

  • Search will be fulfilled respecting your Custom Terms
  • DSL filters have Custom Terms in the hints

  • Customize cards: the units will have your Custom Terms
  • List View supports Custom Terms in column headers/tooltips and in Quick Add
  • Export and Charts both support Custom Terms, so the reports will have custom names for entities, too.

You can find more information about Custom Terms for Targetprocess 3 in the user guide.

Bugs Fixed

  • Quick Add performance improved
  • Test Plan Runs should only be estimated in hours
  • Allow to quick add a team iteration as a custom field value
  • User cannot access attachment description in New look
  • Attachment preview: cross in behind the screen
  • “Reload button” mashup fixed
  • Focus on email/password field on the login page

Targetprocess 3.2.6: QA Improvements

This release includes several improvements that make the life of QA people easier. These are just a few first steps in what is supposed to be a major betterment of QA area in Targetprocess, and still more features, such as Test Steps, will be released soon.

Test Plans are Assignable

Test Plans have states and can be assigned to users now. This simplifies creating Test Plans. For example, you can break down all testing into several Test Plans, assign them to testers and track Test Plans creation progress. Testers will write Test Cases and move Test Plan from “Open” to “In Progress” and then to “Done” states.

New Test Runner

Targetprocess 3 has a brand new Test Runner. You can create Test Runs and execute Test Cases easily.

Test Cases inside Test Plan

Test Cases list inside Test Plan is re-designed. Now you can create and edit Test Cases faster.

Fixed Bugs

  • Print view: hide blank sections
  • Detail view in v2 not working in IE8
  • Moving cards in timeline is extremely slow in IE

Targetprocess 3.2.5 Released: Charts and Reports Sharing, Programs in v. 3

This release includes:

Sharing for charts and reports

Sometimes you need to share a report with a Targetprocess user who is not included to a Project or a Team, but still needs to see this report. That’s exactly what we’ve made possible in this release. As on the screen below, if you need to share a burn down chart with someone outside this Team or Project, click ‘Share link’ on the top right. A link to this report will be generated, and you can pass on this link to any Targetprocess user.

Programs in v3: available in the Project views and View lanes

Programs are now available in Targetprocess3  in Project Views and as lanes in view setups. Note that you cannot add a Program via Quick Add. This should be done in a view setup, where one can pick “Program” as a lane. If a View has Program as a lane and Project as a card (as on the screen below), new Programs can be added, and Projects can be moved from one Program to another. Another point to note: one cannot move work item cards (User Stories, Bugs, etc.) between Programs.

Programs provide a custom way to group projects, working as some sort of tag. What’s more, they can be regarded as yet another level in User Story – Feature -Project -Program hierarchy, similarly to how it was in Targeprocess v2.

“About” section moved to “Settings” in the top panel

You can now find the information about the latest Targetprocess version and the link to ‘What’s new’ in the Settings menu.

Bugs Fixed

  • Wrong Projects/Teams set upon adding a new project or a team from the View context settings
  • Quick Add shows inactive projects if they are assigned to the current Teams
  • Permissions: assigned user unable to change entity state
  • Tags’ and ‘Tag bundles’ work incorrectly in v2 and v3 Project/Team contexts
  • Cannot rename View in Safari on Mac
  • Progress Summary won’t show a report for a current Iteration from a non-current Release
  • Users should not see Projects or Teams from their Inactive Projects relations
  • Test Plans should be included to search results
  • Quick Add from Timeline view doesn’t work in Internet Explorer
  • Export of the view w/Person lane throws an exception: ‘An item with the same key has already been added’
  • v2 search should show results in the new look views
  • Cannot reset text selection if View is opened in Google Chrome
  • Past Releases and Iterations cards should be colored gray

Targetprocess 3.2.4 Released: Print Cards and Easy Setup for Effort Lanes in Estimation Board View

This release includes some cool features:

Print Cards option available from Board Views

Now you can print all the cards from a Board View. If you need cards from a particular row or column, you can focus on the View and print only those cards.

You can even print several cards that have been selected from various Board Views from the clipboard :

Set values for Effort column in Estimation Board View

Starting from v.3.2.4 you can set your own values for the Effort lanes instead of a fixed sequence of Fibonacci numbers. Just type the effort values into the cards filter like that:

Timelines: Nice drag and drop from backlog

You can move cards  from backlog to timeline with one seamless action when doing a roadmap for projects or features. It took two moves previously.

Other Improvements

  • Attention: we removed the old v.2 detail views! If you really miss something from Targetprocess v.2 Detail Views, please, let us know.
  • Date tooltip shown when a card is moved from Backlog to Timeline.
  • History for Team Iteration added. Find History tab in Team Iteration details view.

Fixed Bugs

#79961    Odd behavior of custom fields in Team Iteration
#68212    Team Iteration icon not shown in Targetprocess v.2
#72037    An error when Date custom field is updated due to Targetprocess culture settings
#81714    Script error happens when quick adding smth. from a List View created from a template
#81674    List View: top filter works incorrectly for Bug and Story cards if Feature card is their parent
#80888    “All Practices” removed from processes

Targetprocess 3.2.3 Released: Minor Improvements

Included to this release:

Add new Entities in Lookups

When you add an entity, sometime you need to add a dependent entity right away. For example, you started to add an iteration and discovered, that you have to add a new release before. Now you can easily do that. Just click on a green button near Release lookup field.

User last login date

Hunting down unused accounts has become easier. Administrators can see last login dates for each user and even use them for for sorting and filtering. For example, ?LastLoginDate > '28-May-2014' DSL filter will return users that logged in after May, 28.

Quick Add Releases in a Project view

We added an  ‘Add release’ link to the Releases tab in Project view. To add a release, simply click it.

Cleanup Sample Data available in TP3

The “Clear Sample Data” link is now displayed next to the Project/Team selector. If you don’t need sample data,  remove it in one click.

Customize Cards: ‘Project progress in %’ added

Now you can track progress of your Projects on a card, there’s no need to go to Details view for that.  ‘Progress’ unit is now available in the Customize Cards units selection. Drag it to your card when customizing its looks to stay up-to-date with the progress.

Bugzilla info in v.3 views

We added  ‘Bugzilla Info’ box to show defects  imported by Bugzilla integration plugin. There’s no need to revert to Targetprocess v.2 now if you want to check this info.

Bugs Fixed

  • Custom Field values for Time records reset when moving a User Story to a Project with a cloned Process
  • “Error during deserializing resource” when posting a date if TP is configured with Spanish culture (in Internet Explorer)
  • Integrated mode should be set in IIS 8 only
  • Jira plugin: TP resends received state changes back to Jira
  • “Map” button removed from boards list
  • Impediments were not indexed by Search plugin
  • User Story split action missing for TP2 users
  • Export to .CSV ignores filters in axes
  • Test Cases duplicated in Test Plan Run

Targetprocess 3.2.2 Released: Forecast in Timelines, Default Project/Team Context, Bugs for Feature in Lists, Mode-Specific Card Sizes etc.

Included to this release:

Timeline: Forecast for Feature, User Story, Bug, Task, Request, Project, Release, Iteration, Team Iteration

Meet the brand new feature for Timeline view mode: Forecast. The Forecast will give you an idea as of when some entity is likely to be completed. The forecast timeframe is calculated by a linear extrapolation from the two points: start and current date. This timeframe is shown on Timeline to the right of the Current Date’s vertical green line as a semi-transparent rectangle. Note that Forecast  will only be calculated for Feature, User Story, Bug, Task, Request, Project, Release, Iteration, Team Iteration with 7+ days actual duration time and with more than 10% progress. Forecast can be switched on/off in the Timeline options tab. Some more information can be found here.

New options for the top Quick Add: add User and Team

Now the top Quick Add can be used to create Teams and Users, and there’s no need to think where an entity should be created. Almost everything is available in one place.

Project and Team filter for Views (default context)

It is possible now to set default Team and Project filters for each separate view, without having to switch context any time a view is opened. You need to select the default Team/Project combo for your view in the Setup tab,  and this context will automatically apply once the View is opened.

List View: an option to inline edit user story for Bugs / Tasks / Test Cases

Wanting to make List views even more comfortable to work with, we added the option to inline edit a parent User Story for Bugs, Tasks and Test Cases. There’s no need to switch to Details view any longer, just click the User Story field right in the List view and pick a user story from the lookup screen.

Mode-specific card sizes for zooming

Now zoom levels (card sizes) will be set as a mode-specific option, for any View mode.  For example, if you want to see M-sized cards in your Timeline View, set the zoom level to “M”, and each time you switch to Timeline Mode zoom level will remain the same. Should you want to change the zoom for a view, use the zoom switcher.

Cycle time (Start Date) starts counting from the state which goes next after “Planned”

From this release, Start Date will not be set at the point in time where an entity state is changed to “Planned” as it previously was. The Start Date will be anchored to the point when an entity is switched from “Planned” to any In Progress or Final state.  If an entity state goes back to the Initial  state, Start Date will be dropped.

Lists: Bugs available in Features

Bugs are now available in the 4th level of hierarchy for Features in Lists. If you pick Feature as a card in List view mode, Bugs will be displayed along with  User Stories.

Bugs Fixed

  • Impediment: remove Priority axis, add State axis
  • Fix server errors in specific board configurations
  •  Misaligned Start /End dates in Projects & Teams tab
  •  JS error when I close a view before it completely loads
  •  Help Desk portal crashes when AppPool uses Integrated mode and Windows Authentication
  •  Part of the “About” stays visible if Views list is collapsed
  •  Remove vertical and horizontal scroll bars in Setup when Filters Help popup is open
  •  Bugs with the future Create/Start Date cannot be assigned to a release
  •  Custom field values for Project reset as a new default Process is specified
  •  Auto-assign: Project shouldn’t appear in ‘Assign to project’ list if User is auto-assigned to the project from the User View already
  • Auto-assign: User should not be added to the Project Team twice
  • Cannot login to TP2 in InternetExplorer 8.0

Targetprocess 3.2.1 Released: Share Board View, Feature – Bug Connection, Reload View and List Settings Redesign

Included to this release:

Feature – Bug direct hierarchical relation added

Now Bugs can be linked to a Feature same way as to a User Story. Note the new Feature field in Bug details.

Respectively, there’s a tab for linked Bugs in the Feature details as well.

Process – Planning: the option to auto-close all Tasks for “Done” User Stories

If you want Tasks within a User Story automatically switch to “Done” once a User Story is Done, check the “Close Tasks when User Story is closed”checkbox in System Settings – Processes – Any Process – Planning - Customize view.

New mashup: “Reload View”

The “Reload View” mashup is available by default to all TP3 users. There’s no need to install it from the Mashup Library. Refreshing a View with this mashup is faster than with a browser refresh button as it does not reload the whole page, but only the current View.

List View: settings redesigned

The Settings pane for List View has changed a bit. Instead of Lanes, we set the 1st and 2nd hierarchy levels, and then select the Cards that will work as a 3rd level. The 3 hierarchy levels for Lists can now be set one after another, from top to bottom.

Timeline: context menu actions ‘Plan’ and ‘Unplan’ added

Now one can set Planned End and Planned Start dates, or return an entity to the backlog with only one click. Clicking on “Plan” sets Planned Dates to Actual dates. If the Actual End Date is missing, the Planned Date is set to “now”.  Note that the  “Unplan” action works only for entities that are already included to the timeline. See Getting Started with the Timeline view Mode, if you’re new to Timelines in Targetprocess 3.

On-Site Customers: Share Board view mashup

This mashup will share your Board views with someone who is not a registered Targetprocess user. If you need this mashup, go ahead and install it from the Mashup Library in Settings — Mashups. The “Share Board” button will then show up in the Actions menu. You can add/remove the Board views from the shared list using “Manage your public boards” link.

Better performance in pop-up views

We keep on working to speed up the load times. The pop-up views open faster now.

Fixed Bugs and Improvements

  • “Activity” mashup not working for “Any Project” or “No Project” context
  • Attachments stay as HelpDesk Requests are converted into Bugs, Features, Stories, Tasks
  • History tab: columns overlap with >50 records expanded
  • JUnit plugin: now includes a failure comment
  • Customize Cards: entities from inactive projects count as Open/Done
  • Customize Cards: total user allocation calculated incorrectly
  • A server error if Admin who is not an Owner of a Board view sets access settings to “Custom sharing”
  • A 500 error if a user in a Team opens History tab of an entity assigned to this Team and some Project
  • A .csv file should have the same name as the exported View
  • Assignments in inner Lists: the role abbreviation is missing for some screen resolutions

Targetprocess 3.2.0 Released: the 4-level Hierarchy in Lists, Drag’n’Drop Improvements in Timelines and Export to .CSV

Here’s what we deliver in this release:

The 4th level of hierarchy added: child entities of the cards

We added yet another level of hierarchy to List Views. Level 1 represents vertical lanes, level 2 – horizontal lanes, level 3 — cards, and the 4th level is reserved for the child entities of cards. If User Stories are selected as cards, there’s no need to open them if one wants to see the  Bugs and Tasks;  they will be shown  in the 4th level of  hierarchy.

List View improvements:

  • Column headers freeze for easy scrolling; they stay in sight all the time when one is long way down in a list.
  • Inline edit for Business value is now available. There’s no need to go to details view anymore, Business Value can be updated right in the list.
  • A custom sorting order is kept after refresh.

Drag-n-drop from backlog to timeline

Now one can move cards from Backlog to Timeline by drag-n-drop. When a card is moved to a Timeline this way, the initial Planned Start and End dates are set automatically. The entity takes about 30% of the Timeline’s length.

Dates shown in a tooltip when dragging a card

New Planned Start and End dates are now shown in a tooltip while the card is dragged; it’s easier to remember the dates this way.

View Setup screen redesigned

Keep this in mind:

  •  ‘More’ button will be shown if all the cards do not fit in the view. Click this button to see all the cards that belong to this view.
  •  An alert that reads “Select the cards you want to see” is shown if someone tries to exit the View Setup screen without picking some cards.

Export cards to CSV

All the cards from any View can be exported to a .CSV file in 2 clicks. Open the Actions menu, click  ‘Export’  and the  .CSV file will start downloading.

Performance improved for >6 open browser tabs

Working with 6 or even more browser tabs is faster now. We’re doing some tweaks to make the performance better.

Fixed Bugs:

  •  A view is not shown upon selecting a template
  • Performance improved in the top menu Quick Add

Attention: Internet Explorer 9 not supported any longer

The two most recent versions of these browsers can be used:

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari (not supported on Windows)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 10, 11 (not recommended)

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