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Targetprocess 3.2.0 Released: the 4-level Hierarchy in Lists, Drag’n'Drop Improvements in Timelines and Export to .CSV

Here’s what we deliver in this release:

The 4th level of hierarchy added: child entities of the cards

We added yet another level of hierarchy to List Views. Level 1 represents vertical lanes, level 2 – horizontal lanes, level 3 — cards, and the 4th level is reserved for the child entities of cards. If User Stories are selected as cards, there’s no need to open them if one wants to see the  Bugs and Tasks;  they will be shown  in the 4th level of  hierarchy.

List View improvements:

  • Column headers freeze for easy scrolling; they stay in sight all the time when one is long way down in a list.
  • Inline edit for Business value is now available. There’s no need to go to details view anymore, Business Value can be updated right in the list.
  • A custom sorting order is kept after refresh.

Drag-n-drop from backlog to timeline

Now one can move cards from Backlog to Timeline by drag-n-drop. When a card is moved to a Timeline this way, the initial Planned Start and End dates are set automatically. The entity takes about 30% of the Timeline’s length.

Dates shown in a tooltip when dragging a card

New Planned Start and End dates are now shown in a tooltip while the card is dragged; it’s easier to remember the dates this way.

View Setup screen redesigned

Keep this in mind:

  •  ‘More’ button will be shown if all the cards do not fit in the view. Click this button to see all the cards that belong to this view.
  •  An alert that reads “Select the cards you want to see” is shown if someone tries to exit the View Setup screen without picking some cards.

Export cards to CSV

All the cards from any View can be exported to a .CSV file in 2 clicks. Open the Actions menu, click  ‘Export’  and the  .CSV file will start downloading.

Performance improved for >6 open browser tabs

Working with 6 or even more browser tabs is faster now. We’re doing some tweaks to make the performance better.

Fixed Bugs:

  •  A view is not shown upon selecting a template
  • Performance improved in the top menu Quick Add

Attention: Internet Explorer 9 not supported any longer

The two most recent versions of these browsers can be used:

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari (not supported on Windows)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 10, 11 (not recommended)

Targetprocess 3.1.1 Released: Targetprocess v. 2 Quick Links, Planned Start and Planned End in Swimlanes, Sorting in Lists, and ‘Open in new tab’ Option

This release includes a quick shortcut  to a selection of pages in Targetprocess v.2 , that can be installed as a mashup, and some improvements.

Mashup: Targetprocess v.2 quick links

If you need 1-click access to a certain set of Targetprocess 2 pages, this mashup will store a selection of quick links. It’s under TP2 in the top menu: the links will open as new pages in pop-up windows.  One can add/remove links from the selection in the mashup config.

Note that with this mashup applied, if a Targetprocess 2 page is opened from the selection, one will not be able to navigate freely in Targetprocess 2. The mashup has been created with the intent to give easy access only to some pages that  are not yet available in Targetprocess 3.  One can still navigate in Targetprocess v2. by typing a link in a browser, and going from there. See more info on how to install and configure the mashup in Mashup Library (System Settings – Mashups – Mashups Library – Targetprocess 2 pages)

‘Open entity in new tab’ action in context menu

If you need to have a closer look at  any entity without leaving the current View, you can open it in a new browser tab. Right-click on an entity, and choose ‘Open in new tab’ in the context menu. This option is available for Board, Detail and Timeline views.


Planned Start and Planned End in swimlanes

The timeframe from Planned Start to Planned End is shown on a Timeline with a lighter shade of grey now. This makes it easier to see  if a planned start for a work item card (Feature)  matches the start of a Project (as in the screen below).

Lists: ascending/descending sorting

One can sort entities in lists by clicking on a column name  now, and alternate ascending/descending order.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Api/boards/v1/VisibleForUser/1 throws 500 Internal Server Error
  • Context reset Teams\Projects to ‘No’ instead of ‘Any’ if “target” option used

Targetprocess 3.1.0 Released: Customize Cards, “Boards” Renamed to “Views”, Inline Edit in Lists, Drag-n-Drop in Timelines

As the 3.1.0 numbering suggests, this is a major release, with Customize Cards going to production, improved beta Lists and Timelines, and other updates.

Customize Cards

This feature is out of beta now: one can customize the looks and size of cards in Targetprocess 3. To customize a card, open Customize Cards tab in View Settings pane. The cards can be configured to appear smaller, or larger, or to include more or less units. A card unit is an element that has some information about the entity represented by this card. For example, a user story card may include such units as: points, owner, last commented. The sizes are listed on the left, the card under construction is shown in the center, the units are shown on the right.

Use drag-n-drop to build the card the way you need. If you can’t remember if a unit is available for a card, use search. Type in a name of a unit, and a selection of shortlisted matches will be shown. For more details, refer to the Customize Cards step-by-step guide . The complete list of cards and their units will be available shortly in targetprocess 3 Help.

Any card comes with a tooltip showing how the card will look if customized to the L-size:

“Views” instead of “Boards”

We now refer to “boards” as “views” .  Targetrpocess 3 has these views available:

Board view, List view, Timeline view, Details view

Actions menu in Views: Remove, Clone, etc.

One can clone a view, save it as a template, or remove it from the Actions menu, no matter if the Settings pane is opened or closed.

Top Filter Redesigned

Another UI improvement: the top filter field expands from the compact view only while editing, and is marked with yellow when a filter is applied. Otherwise, it stays white.

Multi-teams: Project/Team auto-assign option

Assigning new people to Teams and Projects has become easier.  With  ‘Auto-assign new people’  checkbox marked in Projects tab, all new people added to a team will be automatically added to this project.

Inline Edit in Lists

Inline Edit is available in Lists now. There’s no need to switch to Details view from List view, if one wants to update:

  • Release
  • Iteration
  • Team Iteration
  • Feature for User Story

Drag-n-Drop in Timelines

One can now update Planned Start Date and Planned End Date in a timeline with drag-n-drop:

  • Drag the left  timeline border to update Planned Start Date
  • Drag  the right timeline border to update Planned End Date
  • Drag the whole timeline to update both the dates (duration won’t change)

As a reminder, one can also use drag-n-drop in a timeline backlog to change the timeline’s priority. For that, a view for  User Stories with Priority set as a lane is required,  and the priority can be changed by dragging a card from one lane to another. Cards within one lane can be prioritized by drag-n-drop, respecting settings in Prioritize tab.

Fixed Bugs

  • Relations tab: filters optimized for working with more than 50 relations
  • Relations Network: wrong type of relations b/n cards shown if certain filters are applied
  • What’s New handled incorrectly if server has no connection to the Internet
  • Scrolling doesn’t work for a list of views in a certain case
  • Relations Network chart: a wrong set of selected cards is shown, when returning back to the chart after having opened a view from there
  • #53000 Add tasks and bugs: the field clears, when an update is not yet saved, and focus leaves the input field
  • #75899 When I click the Quick Add button and popup opens, the button should look like pressed

Targetprocess 3.0.11 Released: Relations as Lanes, Quick Add and Entities Count in Lists, improvements in Relations

This is a minor release with still more improvements.

Relations on Boards

Previously one could keep track of Relations only in entity details and in the Relations Network Diagram. Now it’s possible to visualize Relations as lanes on a Board. This is very helpful if someone needs to manage relations between many entities and spot new dependencies right as they appear. Check the Relations on Boards article in the help guide for more info.

Lists: Quick Add and Entities Count

Our List mode is getting more and more comfortable to work with. Now each level of hierarchy has its own entity counter and Quick Add button. One can see how many sub-items this list includes without expanding it, and create new entities with one click at any level of hierarchy.

List Quick Add and Counters

Relations tab improvements:

  • Relations can be be filtered by Team now. If you want to see  Relations assigned to any given team only, select this team in the filter.
  • If a user has no rights to see some relations, a prompt with the count of those relations that can’t be accessed is shown. This way people can get an idea of the total count of blockers, or dependencies, or relations.

Unlink Test Case from Test Plan (drag-n-drop on board)

Now  Test Case can be unlinked from Test Plan or copied from one plan to another with one move. Just drag any Test Case to ‘No Test Plan’ column on board to unlink it, or to any other Test Plan to make a copy.

Unlinking Test Case from Test Plan

Improved performance

We keep working to make Targetprocess run faster. In this release the number of AxesCount queries were reduced, and due to that the overall performance has improved.

Customize Cards: Completed Effort

The ‘Completed Effort’ unit is available now for  Team Iteration, Iteration and Release entities. So, there’s no need to open an entity to track the effort.

Fixed Bugs

  •  Broken style of ‘Show more’ after refresh or zoom level change
  • A new team/or project added from the top menu should appear in the current context immediately
  • Context menu: “Change assignment and effort” bubble position fixed
  • Error message not shown if user enters a new custom field value while server is not available
  • Card name disappears if the card is renamed, or if its zoom level is changed from the context menu
  • Added Inbound|Outbound Relations fields for Iteration to the DSL filters

Targetprocess 3.0.10 Released: updates in Lists, Timelines, Customize Cards and more

On-Demand customers will be upgraded this week. On-Site release will be available for download a bit later.

We are busy making  Targetprocess 3 better and easier to use, step-by-step. This release includes several new enhancements and bug fixes.

Lists: Customize Columns

We’ve made it possible to customize columns in Lists, in the same fashion as with cards. If you want to set columns in Lists based on personal preferences, go to Customize Cards, select List, and choose which columns to display, just as you’d do when customizing cards.

Customize Columns in Lists

Filters in Relations tab

We can now filter out the entities and relations by type (User Stories, Bugs, etc.) The filter will only work  if an entity has >2 relations. That’s how we filter entities by type:

… and relations by type:

Burndown chart: forecast with custom velocity

Burndown charts normally use the auto-calculated velocity (see more here). Sometimes, however, there might be a need to apply a custom velocity, just any, to see how the forecast  line will burn down with it. That’s why we’ve added this option to the burndown chart.

“Responsible is Me” DSL filter improved

We’ve fine-tuned this filter: instead of the default role, now it uses a project role or a team role.

For example, a user story belongs both to TP3 project and to Alaska team.  Its state is In Testing  at the moment.  QA is the role responsible for this state. If the user who is currently logged in has a QA role  either in TP3 project, or in Alaska team , then this story will be displayed on the board if Responsible is Me filter is applied, and if no one else with the QA role is assigned to this story.

Multi-teams: view Iterations and People in other Teams

This screen will help explain this improvement better:

Previously, Project Members from Team 2 (assigned both to Team 2 and Project) were not able to see Team Iterations and People from the other teams.  Now, as a Project Member a user will see the members from all the Teams assigned to Project and all their Team Iterations.

Customize Cards: more units added

Little by little, we’re adding more options for customizing cards. Here’s the ones that we’ve added this time:

  • Lead & Cycle Time for Task
  • Started/finished for Project
  • Planned dates for Impediment
  • Feature for Task and Bug


We’re releasing several improvements in Timelines.

Horizontal scroll navigator

Now you can navigate through a selected time period with the horizontal scroll, focusing on the highlighted area as needed.

The navigator includes a color-coded mini-projection of cards, and this helps to keep an eye on the big picture, even when you’re focusing on a smaller time period. The navigator doesn’t support comet (instant updates) so far, and if you want to make sure that the latest changes are there, use Refresh button on the bottom right.

Sort cards or lanes by Planned Start or Planned End

Now you can sort cards, swimlanes and columns by planned start and planned end dates in Timelines. Find these options in the sorting menu.

Build card available in Timelines

Builds can now appear as cards in Timelines.

“Planned in past” option

This option is available as a checkbox in Timeline settings screen. If checked, the timeline will display Planned Start/Planned End dates for Done cards.

Planned in Past setting

Fixed Bugs and Minor Improvements

  • “Add new project” not working in project selector if board templates haven’t been loaded
  • Progress indicator for “Copy” action added
  • Non-admin users cannot change project roles in v.3
  • ‘Allow everybody to see TP3′ button is shown to v3 only new users
  • Add multiple relations: selection lost on scrolling
  • ‘Audit History’ tab renamed to ‘History’
  • Relations Tab: Outbound Relations look-up screen messed in views
  • Autosave closes custom field rich text editor in views
  • Filter samples lost in Relations axes
  • Relations tab: Done entities marked with gray

Targetprocess 3.0.9 Released: Audit History tab, updated Lists and Timelines

All on-demand accounts will be updated this week. The updated installer for on-site accounts will be available quite soon as well.

Audit history

Audit history is now back as a tab in Targetprocess 3. Planned dates are now shown in the Audit History tab as well, so all the changes to an entity can be tracked fast and easily in one tab.

Relations tab redesign

Relations tab now has revamped looks, to match the new Targetprocess 3 style. We’ve also added the mini-graph that shows the count of Inbound and Outbound relations.

Relations Tab new design

Now you can add new entities right in the relations tab and find existing entities more easily.

Planned Work on Timeline

Now both planned and actual work is shown in the Timeline view. The actual work timeline has solid background and solid borders. The transparent planned time layer is drawn over the actual timeline layer. The planned time layer is marked with dotted lines. This way we can compare the actual progress vs. expected progress in one look, and there’s no need to open detailed views for entities.

Planned work on Timeline

‘Responsible is Me’ filter

This new DSL filter shows only the entities that a user is assigned to if their current state matches the user’s role.

Example: As a tester I’m responsible for entities in ‘Coded’state, so ‘Responsible Is Me’ filter will return the entities in ‘Coded’ state assigned to me and entities in ‘Coded’ state that are NOT assigned to anyone else.  

How is this filter helpful? It can be used to create a personal ToDo dashboard (much the same as in Targetprocess v.2)
This filter only works for “me”. It won’t work if you write something like “?Responsible is OtherGuy”.

'Responsible is Me' DSL Filter

Hierarchical lists (still in beta)

List view has become much more convenient with a new hierarchical system and adjustable column width. Now the lists have a 3-level hierarchy, the 1st and the 2nd level correspond to the vertical and horizontal board lanes, the 3rd one represents cards.

Column width can be adjusted by dragging its border.

Old plugins removed

Since some of the old plugins were replaced by new plugins 2 years ago and have been used scarcely, we removed them to reduce unnecessary RAM usage. These plugins have been removed from the installation package but they still remain in the source code, and can be restored should someone need them:

  • Bug Pain Calculator
  • Bugzilla Integration / new plugin exists
  • Team Foundation Server Integration / new plugin exists
  • Bind Email/Request To Project / new plugin exists
  • Selenium / new plugin exists
  • Subversion / new plugin exists

Internet Explorer 11 support

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is now officially supported in Targetprocess. All the old and new features will function correctly with it from now on.

Fixed Bugs

  • Cards from Past, Today and Future hidden if Dates axis is selected
  • Plugin configurations reset to default if installer fails during the upgrade (on-site)
  • Chrome v.32: drag-n-drop does not work on Task Board after scrolling
  • Burn down chart gaps removed
  • JS error is thrown when opening a card after prioritizing
  • More space for the top filter
  • Mashup manager fails to get Mashup library if Cygwin is installed on server

Targetprocess 3.0.8 Released: minor bug fixing

Fixed Bugs

  • Problem accessing Bugs in IE 8
  • Git plugin processed revisions not in a correct way
  • Git plugin: Incorrect commit time in Source tab
  • Test run import plugin: trigger request for sync fixed
  • Burn Down Chart: gap when time posted with different roles in different days
  • Description and Comments rich text editors process newlines in a different way

v.3 Improvements and Fixes

Targetprocess 3.0.6 Released: Improved Relations, Comet for Custom Fields, L-Size Card Tooltips

OnSite customers will be able to download it later this week.

This release includes several minor improvements and bug fixes.

Add multiple relations in one step

One can now select several relations in the drop-down list and add them quickly. No question, this is more convenient than adding relations one-by-one.

An option to create an entity when adding a relation

If you need to create a relation to an entity that hasn’t yet been added, this can be done now on one screen. Yet another time-saver.

Comet for custom field updates in views and boards

If a custom field is updated in a view or on a board, anyone who has Targetprocess 3 open in a browser will see this update simultaneously. We’ve had comet enabled for cards on boards and for most of the fields in views;  now comet works for custom fields  as well.

v.3: Card tooltips showing L-sized card layout

Any card now comes with a tooltip showing how the card will look if customized to the L-size.

Fixed Bugs

Targetprocess 3.0.5 Released: v.3 Timelines (beta), Process Admins and v.3 Board Co-Owners

All the OnDemand customers are already using this latest 3.0.5 version. OnSite customers will be able to download it later this week.

v.3 Timelines in beta — that’s the flagship novelty of this release. It also includes a couple other smaller features, some improvements and bug fixes. Note that a feature, fix or improvement marked with the “v.3″ prefix is available in Targetprocess 3 only.

v.3 Timelines

Visualizing work in a timeline comes handy when one wants to get a high-level overview of the work and progress over time. In the beta version of  Targetprocess 3 Timelines, one can visualize epics, user stories, tasks, bugs the way they currently are. Same for projects, releases and iterations. Editing capabilities will be available in the future releases. That’s how a timeline looks in Targetprocess 3:

What else one can do with Timelines in Targetprocess 3? Read more.

Process Admins

This feature is supposed to reduce the workload for Targetprocess Admins. Any Targetprocess user can be made a Process Admin by the Targetprocess Admin. A Process Admin can change the process(-es) they’re assigned to, and view settings in the other processes. Process Admins can also clone processes and tweak them as needed.

v.3 Board Co-Owners

Now a board can have several co-owners, or “many owners”. Any board co-owner has the same privileges as the original board owner. Co-owners can change the board settings, and add/remove other co-owners.The only restriction is: a board owner can’t remove herself or the very last owner.Targetprocess admins can also add/remove the board co-owners.

v.3 The copy-to-project action in the new views and in the context menu

This good old Targetprocess v.2 action is now available in Targetprocess v.3:

v.3 Improvements

  • Lane filters will auto-apply to a quick-added lane
  • Customize Cards: no board refresh when changing zoom levels (<150 cards on the board)
  • Customize Cards: the planned dates unit added for assignable entities
  • Customize Cards: the burndown button added
  • Customize Cards: 5ive rows available for the ‘name’ unit in M-sized cards
  • Customize Cards: units fit into available space in single lines
  • Customize Cards: the unit for bugs and stories sparklines added to the Project and Team cards

Bugs Fixed

  • A new transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session
  • Messy abbreviations for such roles as Assignee
  • Unstable system behavior after the 3.0.3 release
  • Unable to delete the Multiple Entities custom fields
  • Eclipse Mylyn connector fails to sync updates to Targetprocess
  • An issue with Bugzilla connection: could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel
  • Filtering by custom fields doesn’t work in the Targetprocess v.2 lists
  • Large entities dropping out from search index
  • Improved Test Run performance
  • Timeout increased from 5 to 30 seconds for requests posted fromTargetprocess HelpDesk
  • The Embedded pages mashup breaks when renamed
  • Bad URL’s for embedded images in the Requests that originate from Targetprocess HelpDesk emails
  • v.3 Database deadlocks: a new user story wouldn’t get added within 10 minutes
  • v.3 Sorting for lanes with Date
  • v.3 The Visual Encoding tab removed from the board setup bar
  • v.3 Cards blink when moved or prioritized
  • v.3 A performance issue with the axes counters

Targetprocess 3.0.3 Released: Add & Open for Quick Add and Inline Edit for Tags

This release includes two minor improvements and some bug fixes.

v.3 Quick add: ‘Add & Open’ button added

The new Add&Open feature gets you right to the entity view, with no extra clicking required.

v.3 Lists: inline edit for tags

The inline edit feature is now available for tags in Lists.

Bugs Fixed

  • Git plugin wouldn’t bind some commits
  • The Teams context from tp3 is saved and this causes search not to work correctly in tp2
  • Bugzilla plugin cannot connect to a Linux Bugzilla server
  • Help Desk Portal: ‘Remember me’ now works the same as in Targetprocess site
  • Custom Reports: exception in reports with a custom field that has been removed or renamed later
  • Custom Reports: exception with filtering by Date custom field
  • Search can’t find numeric entry in Template URL custom field
  • NHibernate exceptions if time added from the entity view
  • Avatars in the inner lists are aligned now
  • Comments timestamp is incorrect if client and server have different time zones
  • Hyphenation in entity names is corrected
  • v.3 Prioritization: JS error if a card gets updated during batch prioritization and it’s not in the slice
  • v.3 Prioritization: only the first card from a batch moves to the new position
  • v.3 Prioritization: card is moved to an incorrect random location when re-prioritized
  • v.3 Board custom sharing: the Project and Team filter is ignored
  • v.3 Customize Cards: combined unit for custom fields with the same name but different capitalization
  • v.3: User should be auto-scrolled to a newly added board
  • v.3: Glitches with the Test Run icon if it’s added as a related entity to the Impediment card or selected in a custom field
  • v.3: Glitches with the tooltips for templates deletion and lanes swapping
  • v.3: Entity pop-up is closed if I update a Team or a Project that is not in the current context
  • v.3: Improved performance for the boards with date lanes (End Date, Start Date or Create Date)
  • v.3: Incorrect priority calculation after moving a card

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