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Targetprocess 3.5: Better QA and better Workflow setup

This release summarises some changes in recent minor builds and includes hierarchical Test Plans functionality, which makes QA area in Targetprocess much more powerful.

Hierarchical Test Plans

Now you can organize test cases in a test plan into groups (lower level test plans) based on many different parameters, such as – only to name a few – different types of testing (smoke and regression tests, for example), test case priority to specify which groups need to be executed first and which last, or by user story (thus creating a user story test plan) to see which user story every single test belongs to during execution. Read more about better QA area.

Start Date/End Date could be before Creation Date now

There are cases when you have to set Start Date before entity Creation Date. For example, you exported some features from CSV and Create Date was set as Today. However, some features have been already started, so you can’t set correct Start Date. However, Lead Time can’t be calculated correctly in this case, so there is an icon that indicates that:


“No Project” option removed

Previously it was possible to assign work to No Project. It complicated some internal implementation and we decided to remove this possibility. We are working on Team Workflow functionality and No project option doesn’t fit it. All work that was not assigned to any project has been moved to new artificial project called ‘No Project’.

Easier Workflow Setup

New Workflow solves several usability problems, provides clear and visual Workflow manipulation functionality and saves your time. Read more about this new functionality.

Fixed Bugs

  • #92772 Fail to reconnect after connection lost
  • #89595 Selected Test Cases vanished when drag-n-drop them to Test Plans board from the clipboard.
  • #77724 Exception “Field ‘Color’ is not available” when user assigns team to any project while the team is assigned to any inactive projects.
  • #85658 Saved context for board should be updated if only ‘Set’ button is pressed.

Targetprocess 3.4.4: Easier Workflow Setup and bugfixes

Easier and faster Workflow Setup

We’ve redesigned Workflow setup. It solves several usability problems, provides clear and visual Workflow manipulation functionality and saves your time.

Read more about the feature, play with it and share your feedback.

Fixed bugs

#91319 Fixed: ‘?Iteration.IsNext is True’ (‘ .IsNow is True’ and ‘ .IsPrevious is True’)
#91486 Fixed: assignments reset when new state is added to workflow (for default process only)
#90950 Fixed: Eclipse/Mylyn connector fails if there’s an Epic in ToDo list
#91758 Fixed: Mention doesn’t work when using popup in new lists.

Targetprocess 3.4.2: Test Case ID in a Test Case Runs list

Now you can find a test case ID shown next to a test case run ID on a test plan run view, so that you can quickly move to the related test case if required when executing a test case run.

tc Id in test plan run

Fixed Bugs

90633 Fixed: Import test cases to different project
91210 Fixed: Incorrect counters if Test Plan Run is completed from Targetprocess v.2



Targetprocess 3.4.1: Attachments in a Test Case Run and Follow Epics

QA Area: Show Test Case attachments on a Test Case Run view

Test Case attachments are now visible when you execute Test Plan Runs. You can easily open files and screenshots you have attached earlier. It is also possible to attach more files while executing a Test Case Run. The files will be automatically linked to the related Test Case.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.59.35

Follow Epics

Now following is available for Epics, too. You can receive email notifications if  new comments and attachments appear, if new Features are assigned or removed from the Epic, etc.


Fixed Bugs

#88177 Effort units in Test Plans (pt or h)
#79932 ‘Show more’ is hidden on hover if its cell is collapsed
#87751 Link underlining in Chrome is corrected
#87941 Missing icon in ‘Open/Total User Stories’ unit
#89300 List mode: JS error while adding user stories to the new Feature view
#89629 Can’t open Burn Down from the list view
#89961 ‘Diff’ view pop-up was incorrectly placed
#90309 Top filter on the board shrinks for screens with horizontal resolution < 800px

Targetprocess 3.4.0: Epics and Follow/Watch entity

This release includes two major additions.


Epic is an entity above Feature. Quite often you want to have one more level of hierarchy for requirements, and Epic can be handy. For example, you have large module and several features inside this module. Or you have large feature and break it down to smaller, like Minimal Viable Feature and Minimal Marketable Feature.

Follow/Watch entity

Follow entities and receive email notifications about changes. For example, you may follow a Feature and receive notifications about its effort changes, new comments, new attachments, added/removed User Stories or their states changes, etc.

Read more about these two features and share your feedback!

Targetprocess 3.3.4: WYSIWYG editor in Test Steps

WYSIWYG editor in Test Steps

WYSIWYG editor is introduced in Test Steps. Now you can apply different text styles like bold and italic, change text colour, use bulleted and numbered lists, add links and images with ease in test steps descriptions and expected results.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 14.44.24


Minor fixes and improvements

#87668 Test Case: wrong Last Run Date sets if server runs with a specific date formats (DD.MM.YYYY instead of MM.DD.YYYY)

#81700 Email Notification: include internal images in comments to outgoing emails


This release includes two more features: Epics and Follow Entity. They are in beta mode and can be enabled for some servers.

Targetprocess 3.3.3: Hide empty lanes and Test Steps export

Hide empty lanes on board

Sometimes you have boards with many empty rows and columns. For example, many people have no assigned tasks or user stories. Now you can quickly hide all empty lanes with a single click. Find a new button in the top board menu and try it.

Test Steps export

Test Cases can be exported together with their Test Steps. Just build a view with Test Cases and click ‘Export’ button from ‘Actions’ menu. CSV file with your Test Cases and Test Steps will be generated immediately. Note that Test Step export and import are compatible, which means that you can edit your exported Test Cases and Test Steps outside Targetprocess and then import them back.

Quick Add: set some properties automatically based on filter

For example, you have a board that shows user stories filtered by feature, like this ?Feature is ‘Follow’. If you added a new user story to this board, it was not linked to Follow feature automatically. Now we fixed that and more filters are supported.

Minor fixes and improvements

* Test Plan Run Print View: Test Steps and Test Results added
#87836 “Uninstall” util added to SDK package
#86010 Targetprocess should work even if some mashups crashed
#87717 NHibernate error happens when a long text is copypasted to test step
#87727 Transaction manager errors on distributed installations after update to 3.3.0
#87960 New ‘Assigned People’ units (initials, full name) should all be found by ‘Assign’ keyword
#88393 Comet in Left menu & views doesn’t work

Targetprocess 3.3.2: Program Improvements, @mention and minor changes

@mention people in comments

Sometimes while adding a comment you need to be sure that a particular person will read it. Just mention the person you need in your comment and he’ll get an email notification. It is very similar to Twitter mentions. Type @ sign with the first letters of user’s name, then you will see a list of matching people. Select one you want. You can mention several people in a single comment for sure.


When you reply to a comment, a person who added the comment will be auto mentioned.


A person who was mentioned in the comment will receive an email notification with a full comment text:

mention template

Programs improvements

In this release following improvements were made for programs:

More card units

More units are available for Program Card: Total projects, Open User Stories, Open / Total User Stories, Open Features, Open / Total Features, Open Bugs, Open / Total Bugs:


Basic progress calculation

Program progress can be tracked in following ways:

  • Open / total User Stories counter unit. Shows all stories from all projects inside a program
  • Progress percentage unit. Counts the percent of User Stories in Done state
  • Progress bar unit with Progress in %

prog card

  • Progress bar on a Program View with a tooltip displaying the number of stories completed:

prog view bar

Program in filters

You can easily find all entities, like User Stories, Features or Bugs, that relate to a specific Program:

Prog DSL

Program selector for new Projects

We added a possibility to select a Program while creating a Project:

prog proj

Highlight possible drop state for dragged entity

Have you ever put an entity into the wrong state on a Board view? We are helping you to avoid this, take a look at the Board while you are dragging an entity, some of the columns marked with more solid tone of grey color. Don’t try to put a card there :)


Auto assign User Story to the same Release as its Feature

Now User Story will inherit Release field from its Feature, if it has one. In other words, Release field of a new user Story will be set from Release field of its parent Feature. Also it should be noted that changing Release field in a feature will affect only child User Stories in non final state. It means all completed User Stories stay in the old Release.

Show people on Board from selected Teams only

Previously, when you select Person as a lane on a board, you see all people from projects or teams. Now it shows just people from selected teams. We believe this behavior is more logical.

Minor Improvements

  • Bugzilla 4.4 support added
  • Priority attribute of Features and User Stories renamed to Business Value
  • Support <pre> tag in the description and comments
  • “Pair” option for roles is removed

Fixed Bugs

#86974 User story view: Test Step changes reset if user adds a new test case
#84588 Import Test Steps
#85917 Installer should enable MSMQ on Windows Server 2012
#85906 CDN problem detection and prevention: URL parameter ?nocdn=1
#80833 500 error in Audit History of a Build/Team Iteration if custom field were changed
#76243 URL custom field:  ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘{‘, ‘}’ and next symbols being truncated on save
#84082 Git plugin case-sensitivity fixed
#84612 Fix for not working mashups if entity is open via short link or from search results
#87172 System user policy changed
#76883 Active Directory changes cannot be saved in v.3, some required symbols are not allowed

Targetprocess 3.3.1: Programs improvements, Release and Iteration capacity, QA area improvements

People capacity for Release/Iteration/TeamIteration

Sometimes it is handy to know person’s allocation when you plan Iteration, Team Iteration or Release. Now you can do that. Create a Board, select Person as a lane and specify filter like:

?Iteration is 'Iteration 4.5'


?TeamIteration is Current

In this case you will see User Stories and Bugs from a single Iteration. Find allocation information near every person:

iteration_capacity_by_person 2

Similarly, you can specify filters for Release like

?Release is 'Beta 3'


?Release is Current

Note that People Capacity work for Hours effort units only.

QA Area Improvements

Drag and drop Test Cases on a Test Plans boards
You can quickly reassign Test Case from one Test Plan to another using drag’n’drop on a Board View. Just create a board with Test Plan as a lane and Test Case as a card and you you’ll be able to move Test Case Cards from one Test Plan Lane to another. To copy a Test Case drag the selected card from the clipboard.


Test Case Run result bases on its Steps results
Now Test Case Run result will be set automatically from results of Test Step Runs according to following simple rules:

  • If Test Case Run has at least one failed step — result is set to Failed
  • If all steps in Test Case Run are marked as passed — result is set to Passed

However, you can manually change the result if you need.

Not completed Test Case Runs are updated if Test Case Steps were changed
Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to Test Cases that already have Test Case Runs. You should note that if you add or remove Test Steps it will affect only not executed Test Cases (Skipped and Not Run), ‘Passed’  and  ‘Failed ‘Test Case Runs will remain the same. Also changes are not applied to Test Case Runs that belong to Test Plans in final state.

Programs in v.3

More improvements were made in Programs functionality with this release. First of all, now you can create Boards, Lists and Timelines with Programs as cards. It helps manage portfolios of projects and programs.


Program creation is simplified. Open top Project/Team selection and find the New program link. Note that a Project can belong to exactly one Program.


Show Assigned Users Names, not avatars

We added three more units for M-L-XL card sizes:

  • User’s initials, like T.B.
  • User’s first name initials and full last name, like T. Bear
  • User’s full name, like Teddy Bear

It may be handy if you don’t like avatars or if the avatars are hard to recognize.

All these options support inline edit as well as avatars do.


Left menu: changes made by other users show up instantly

You will see immediately if new public/shared Group or View is added, deleted, renamed or re-grouped in a different way. It will help to setup Left menu structure that is common for the whole company.


  • POP Email Plugin: add users from CC: field as Requesters. This helps to keep all email participants notified about Requests.
  • No-mashups mode via ?nomashups in URL. Sometimes custom mashups break functionality. Now you have an easy way to check that. Just add ?nomashups into URL.
  • ‘Set up process’ link in the top Project/Team selector opens current process for edit
  • ‘Process’ unit added for Project card and it’s editable now
  • ‘Set up States’ button added to a view Actions menu and ‘State’ lane settings
  • Keep relation to a Feature when converting attached Bug into a Story (and vice versa)

Fixed Bugs

  • #85926 Fixed adding a Test Case with TestSteps via REST
  • #84393 Forecast is on by default from 3.3.1
  • #86219 Legacy Test Case Steps and Success moved from description to new Step / Expected result
  • #85692 Remove Teams Board, related code and tests
  • #80704 Lower ‘Drag and drop files here’ border is missing in popup views
  • #77104 Top projects/team selection is not updated properly after current board deletion
  • #83778 Saved Projects-Teams list should be restored for undeleted boards
  • #83908 Failed to edit Test Case attached to a Story copied from another Project
  • #84213 Collapse the left menu folder when user d&d it
  • #84892 JS error when create board from ‘People’ template fixed
  • #83177 Application load progress indicator was redesigned to fit for existence

Targetprocess 3.3.0: Left Menu Re-design

This release has some major improvements, and the most cool is:

New Left Menu

We completely re-designed left menu based on your feedback and pain points. Now you can create public, shared and private Groups, organize Views in a more structured way and setup unified menu for the whole company. You can find Views and Groups in a snap, add Views into Favorites section and hide redundant Views and Groups easily.

Left Menu in Targetprocess

Let’s briefly review major changes.


Create Public, Team-shared or Private Groups and combine Views. For example, you can create public QA Group and put all QA-related Views into this Group. Or you can create Roadmaps Group and put all related Views there. Also you can create private Groups and organize your personal Views:

Left Menu Groups in Targetprocess

Quick Search

Start typing Group or View name in a search field and all Groups/Views will be filtered according to the letters you entered:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.36.11 AM

Context menu

Right click on any View or Group or left click on three dots sign next to it and see a context menu with available actions. You can open Setup mode, Rename View or Group, Change Access settings, Hide Views and Groups.



You can hide any View or Group by choosing ‘Hide’ option in context menu. Quite often you really don’t care about some public Groups and don’t want to see them. You can easily modify visibility for every Group and View. For example, here I don’t want to see iOS team progress, so I hide this Group:

Show / Hide Views from Left Menu

Quick Re-Order

In previous version of the Left Menu there was a special mode to re-order Views. Now you can do that right away. Just drag View and move it into required place. Each user can prioritize Views as he likes, it won’t affect other users.


Most likely you have several Views that you use every day. Now you can easily add these Views into Favorites section and always have them on top.

Read complete Guide about Left Menu functionality. We really appreciate your feedback about this new major improvement!

Sign in from web site

It is not so easy to remember exact URL for your OnDemand account, so now you can log in to your OnDemand site right from the web site. Just open page and enter your email and password:


Group Projects by Programs in Top Menu

We are working on a better Programs support in Targetprocess. In this release Projects in Top Menu are grouped by Programs:


Improved State columns merge

In previous versions it was not possible to put Planned state after UX state, for example. Quite often it is required to have some preliminary states before Planned. Now we have fixed this problem.

New merge algorithm works this way:

  • Open, Planned and Done states will be merged regardless their names. In other words, states that are marked as Initial, Planned or Final from one flow will be merged with the states which are marked the same in the other flow.
  • States that were placed before Planned state should not appear after it.
  • States with the same Names will be merged.

For example we have two flows:

  1. Open – UX – Planned – In Dev – Done
  2. Open – Dev Ready – In Dev – Review – Done

As a result, we’ll have a board with the following columns:

Open – UX – (Planned, Dev Ready) – In Dev – Review – Done

QA Area improvements

Add Bug from Test Case Run View

No need to switch Views if you found a defect during test execution, Create Bug button is now available next to the Test Case Run status. Just click it and add as many Bugs as you need.

Insert Test Steps using hot keys

If you need to insert a Test Step somewhere in the middle or in the beginning of the case, you don’t necessarily have to add it in the end and then drag it to the place you want. New Test Step can be also added using hot keys. Select any Test Step and hit:

  • ‘Ctrl’ (‘Cmd’) + ‘Enter’ – to add a Step after the current one
  • ‘Ctrl’ (‘Cmd’) + ‘Shift’ +  ‘Enter’ – to add a Step before the current one
  • ‘Ctrl’ (‘Cmd’) + ‘Del’ – to delete a Test Step

Time tab redesign

Time tab is re-designed on all views. You can add Time records, modify Spent/Remaining time and delete time records faster now:

Fixed Bugs

  • Refresh button: when clicking the refresh view button, the view loads forever and flask does not disappear
  • Request is not created when an email is sent to undisclosed recipients
  • CKEditor bugs when the item is opened by direct link (Share link)
  • SSL issue with JIRA connector

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