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Mind Maps: Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean

Mind maps are cool. They provide a very good overview of quite complex structures and things. You may quickly scan the mind map and find interesting relations. Also it helps to create/maintain good picture of the process/structure in your head.

Agile development processes are good candidates for mind maps.


This mind map represents Scrum checklist (PDF). Looks neat and focuses on right things like Definition of Done, correct roles definition,etc. In short it is a mind map of best practices in Scrum.

More formal mind map (PDF) of Scrum process. Plenty of details and good nodes separation. And finally a small and funny Scrum mind map.

Scrum Mind Map

Extreme Programming

Two very similar mind maps of Extreme Programming, but with different details.


Small Lean mind map. Interestingly, I did not find any Kanban mind map. Seems like it is time to create one :)


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