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Visual management software

Plan and track any process, including scrum, kanban and your own.


See anything you want as a board. Boards are great for planning and
progress tracking.


See project hierarchy and manage backlogs with ease.
Full customization, inline edit and beautiful design.

"I have used a number of different workflow tools and Targetprocess is by far the best tool for visualization and management of work. It's the only tool which gives us the freedom to test experimental changes to our agile processes without disturbing existing work."

Peter Kerschbaumer

Graphical reports

Visualize your company processes from new angles. Track progress on all levels, monitor all important metrics, know all the things. Unlike other project management tools, Targetprocess provides flexible visualizations that merge project management and business intelligence together.

Teams estimations and cycle time

What team has more large User Stories? What team completes User Stories faster?

Cycle time trend

Do we complete User Stories and fix Bugs faster?

Features effort

What Feature is the largest?

Closed bugs by month

Do we close less Bugs every month?

Bugs and time spent correlation

Do you spend more time on User Stories with more Bugs?

Create your own custom report


Timelines is where you plan for the future, visualize and track activities, and get a high-level
overview of how your work progresses with time. Create roadmaps with drag and drop.
Quickly switch between Timeline and Board views. Track people workload.

Custom views

Build your own dynamic visualizations with several clicks. You can customize everything: select
items to see, filter and sort them, customize properties and select views.


Quick access to all important information about your company, department, team and functional area. Create as many dashboards as you need. Track progress, see trends, feel daily activities


Handle projects on the go.
Access all boards from your
iPhone or iPad app - track
things, add work, mark
things as Done.

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