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The key to a good Scrum team is to have everyone on the same page, or we might say — “on the same
board”. Planning sprints? Having a daily stand up? Grooming the backlog? Choose the right board and
get your work done faster.

Scrum Reports

We only have a few reports...the important ones. They are interactive and predictive,
but more than anything else - they are accurate.


A quick glance at our clean and
simple Burndown, and you know
if your Sprint is in trouble.

Relation Network

No more hidden dependencies or
blockers. With this chart you're
always in the know.

Relation network content

Video about Scrum

It lets you filter anything, zoom in and out, hide irrelevant, focus on important, change things.
All frequent actions are optimized to save your time: quick add, batch drag and drop, prioritization and fast editing.

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