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Visually manage complex work. Reduce clutter and focus on the things that matter. Whether you’re scaling Agile through your entire company or adopting it for the first time, we’ve got your back. From Kanban and Scrum to SAFe and NEXUS, Targetprocess adapts to your management approach.

Targetprocess enables you to scale Agile across the enterprise using such Agile at scale frameworks as SAFe, LeSS, NEXUS, and SoS. Connect the dots between execution and strategy by bringing IT work and business goals together. Say goodbye to plugins for managing portfolios, to intermediary spreadsheets, and to manual synchronization of ALM and PPM data!

Visibility without clutter. Transparency without overload. Our tool’s visual focus makes it easy to plan and execute high level strategy in a team-friendly environment, without getting bogged down by inflexible processes.

Never lose track of a work item again. See all your work in one place and communicate with colleagues without email. Create custom views to show just what is relevant for you, and use graphical and custom reports to help identify trends and forecast performance.

Plan, track, and steer complex work to accelerate software delivery at the team, program, or enterprise levels. Make real-time business decisions with visual dashboards and reports to ensure business strategy and goals are linked to team execution.

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Example features


Targetprocess makes it easy to get a distraction-free overview of your projects, with the ability to drill down or scale up for details from any level of the hierarchy.

Timelines7 examples

Plan the future, visualize and track activities, and get a high-level overview of how your work progresses over time.

Boards10 examples

See anything you want as a board. Boards are great for planning and progress tracking.

Lists6 examples

See project hierarchy and manage backlogs with ease. Full customization, inline editing and beautiful design.

Batch drag and drop

Select multiple cards and move them into any place you want.

Good Information density

Filter, zoom, collapse and focus. Boards give you many options for handling large amounts of cards seamlessly.


Create various boards. Select card types, horizontal and vertical swimlanes, set default sorting, customize card content.

Share boards

Easily share boards with any person to broadcast information outside.

Custom reports

Build your own dynamic visualizations with just a few clicks. You can customize everything: select items to see, filter and sort them, customize properties, and select how you want to view the report.

Cycle Time Variation
How the min, average and max Cycle Time of User Stories changes by week
Bugs per Feature and Project
How many Bugs each Feature has
Closed Bugs Trend
Bugs fixed in Projects by week
Done User Stories by Project
Weekly User Story completion trends by Project
Effort vs Cycle Time
Shows correlation between Effort and Cycle Time for User Stories and Bugs
Closed Requests Trend
How many Requests were closed every day last month
Completed Work in Release per Team
How much Effort every Team completes in a Release
Cycle Time Trend
How average Cycle Time of Bugs and User Stories changes every week
Effort vs Time Spent
Correlation between Time Spent on User Stories and estimated Effort
Features Cycle Time Trend
How Features' average Cycle Time changes every month
Done User Stories and Bugs by Project
User Story and Bug completion trends by month by Project
Ideas Votes
Ideas by Priority and Votes count
Issue Lead Time vs Business Value
How Issue priority correlates with Lead Time
Time Spent by Person by Month
How many hours spent by each person for every month in the last year
chart-previews chart-previews
Bugs per Story and Project
How many Bugs each Story has
Iteration Effort vs Time Spent
Shows correlation between total Effort in an Iteration and total Time Spent
Issues resolution time trend
How quickly Issues and Questions are resolved
Iteration Velocity Trend
How Iteration velocity changes over time
Team Iteration Velocity Trend
How Team Iteration velocity changes over time
Bugs by State
How many Bugs are in each state
Creation, start and completion of User Stories and Bugs
A comparison of when User Stories and Bugs were created, started and completed last year
New Bugs Trend
Bugs added into Projects by week
Time Spent by Person by Work Item
How many hours spent by each person for every month in the last year
Daily new Requests trend
How many Requests were added every day for the last two months
User Stories Business Value vs. Effort
User Stories by Business Value and Effort. Bubble size shows Cycle Time
Time Spent by Iteration
The number of hours spent by each person for every Iteration in the last year
Time Spent by Team Iteration
The number of hours spent by each person for every Team Iteration in the last year
Problematic Features
What Features have many Bugs
Release Effort vs Time Spent
Shows correlation between total Effort in a Release and total Time Spent
Completed Effort by Person in Current Release
Effort completed by each person in a current release
Done User Stories by Team
Monthly User Story completion trend by Team
Time Spent by Project
The number of hours spent on every Project in the last year
Effort assigned to a Person by Project
Displays all assigned Effort for each person in the current iteration of every Project
Work progress by Features
ToDo and completed work by Features
Time Spent by Person
How many hours spent by each person in the last month
Team Iteration Effort vs Time Spent
Shows correlation between total Effort in a Team Iteration and total Time Spent

Service Desk

Service Desk is a standalone application that allows users without a Targetprocess license to submit any kind of requests, search and vote for ideas, add comments, and track the status of related items in Targetprocess.

Easy to start

You can activate Service Desk from Targetprocess Settings with one click.

Custom Request Types and
Custom Fields

Manage requests of any kind: Customer Support tickets, Idea Management, and anything else you need.

Multi-channel ecosystem

Empower your support team with custom views, reports, mashups and integrations.


There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but Service Desk is most definitely free.


Available for both SaaS and On-Premise.

Targetprocess can integrate with your existing development tools to create a central hub for collaboration and management across your enterprise. Get rid of information islands and standardize your process across your entire organization.

Full list of integrations
More than
60 apps
  • Consolidate silos of information by connecting your mission critical systems and tools to Targetprocess. Get visibility and traceability with a full history of software changes and data flow in a "single source of truth".

  • Define rules and configurations that map your processes to your existing tools to ensure a consistent workflow across all your teams. Web-based administration provides the ability to perform field-level mapping, configure custom integration rules, and automate conflict resolution.

  • And surely don't spend time and money constantly exporting/importing data and configuring multiple independent integration technologies. Increase the ROI on your existing tools by connecting them to Targetprocess.

Looking for a specific feature?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where you can see a list of all the features in Targetprocess?

80+ Features by Areas


  • We have been using Targetprocess for more than three years by now and still been surprised when our teams find news ways and work areas to use it...
    It is really so flexible that we can nearly model and effectively use in each workflow we need. New departments request me from time to time to show them "that tool you have with nice cards" :-)
    Jorge Rivero Sanchez Innovation Director
  • I love how adaptable and flexible Targetprocess is. It meets the various needs of so many different departments within our organization. We manage all of our IT, creative and legal workflow through Targetprocess. It's helped create a centralized location for our cross-department needs – as well as providing a history of our work.
    Katie MacCabe Assistant Director
  • I used Targetprocess at some very large multi-team multi-program clients and had a consistently good experience.
    I've got a lot of experience of Jira, Rally, PivotalTracker, Trello, Mingle and open source agile lifecycle management tools. I like Targetprocess better - it covers a lot more ground, the information architecture is really consistent, it's solid as a rock and fast too. Best of breed.
    Peter Merel CTO and Agile Coach