Moving Towards a Smarter Future

65,400 employees
1,600 Business Units
51 countries

Why dream about the marvels of the future, when they're being built today? VINCI Energies is a global company with over 65,400 employees worldwide. Generating green energy, building smart cities and maintaining the global infrastructure are just a few of the business sectors that VINCI Energies applies itself to.

VINCI Energies encourages a culture of collaboration and has a decentralized structure of autonomous business units that work together to deliver value to the world. This bottom-up approach to work allows for maximum innovation in a field that's usually dominated by the constraints of top-down management.


Building Sustainable Industry

Actemium is a network of 300 Business Units that are 100% dedicated to industrial process. These Business Units are located in 38 countries across the world.

While Targetprocess is used in various business units of VINCI Energies, Actemium is the VINCI Energies brand with the highest number of Targetprocess users. They excel at helping clients to improve their industrial process with smarter software and industrial automation. Their work demands that clients be 'in the loop' for projects, so Actemium uses Targetprocess to share real-time information and project data with customers.

Like VINCI Energies, Actemium has a very wide demographic of customers. Generally, they provide their services to companies working on industrial, engineering and automation projects. Their solutions have helped customers in many different segments such as Automotive, Aerospace, Life Science, Chemical, Food among others to develop and improve their manufacturing capabilities.

Actemium helps its clients around the world to design, build and maintain their industrial installations and infrastructure.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Some used Excel, other used Microsoft Project, and there was a lot of difficulty when the different units would try to collaborate.

Because VINCI Energies is such a large group of companies with many different brands and business units, Targetprocess is not used by everyone. However, adoption of the tool is growing. The decision to make the switch tends to be made by individuals that are accountable for project outcomes. This is because Targetprocess allows for real-time transparency into a project and helps to spread responsibility out among team members.

Business Units that do not adopt Targetprocess can use whatever management solution they are comfortable with; nevertheless the ones moving to Targetprocess have enabled team members from various business units to get a visual and unified picture of projects, and to see and act upon deviations from estimates in real-time. This enhanced cross-team collaboration and allows decision-makers to act based on facts, rather than how they think the project is going.


Working with Targetprocess

Actemium does not always use Targetprocess in a characteristically agile way. There are no releases or iterations because Actemium's work usually consists of industrial projects with clear start and end dates. Targetprocess is usually used as an agile tool, but its flexibility allows Actemium to customize the tool to their process. Teams can range anywhere from 2-3 to 200 colleagues.

200+ people 2 people

Time constraints are an important factor for Actemium's projects, so it's vital for them to be able to able to identify and measure any deviations from a project's original plan. To achieve this, they continuously compare actual spent and remain time against planned effort to identify deviations as soon as possible in order to set up corrective actions immediately. Targetprocess's Testing Module is used to aid with the commissioning and testing of industrial installations. They also use Targetprocess to track and manage requests from customers.


has also been crucial for integrating Targetprocess into their internal system

Using an open-ended project management tool allows VINCI Energies to generate additional consulting business. Customers that are impressed with the tool or with VINCI Energies' processes often ask VINCI Energies to help them set up their own projects with Targetprocess.


The Benefits

The opportunities that Targetprocess has unlocked for VINCI Energies are difficult to quantify with specific metrics, but Jorge Rivero, Innovation Director at VINCI Energies, estimates that teams who adopt Targetprocess generally see a 5% productivity boost for large-scale projects (15-35K work hours). Time saved for smaller projects is more difficult to quantify, but they definitely profit too. In addition to this overall efficiency increase, he sees four main areas where Targetprocess has proven itself to be invaluable:


Now that everyone is working from the same tool, it's easier to look back at "lessons learned" and make the necessary improvements. Views can be refined and estimations can be improved based on past performance.


Real-time visibility into VINCI Energies' projects helps team members, managers, and customers to always be on the same page and avoid misunderstandings.


Being able to have up-to-date information in Targetprocess has allowed VINCI Energies team members to cut down on emails and internal meetings without sacrificing collaboration. This enables team members to spend more time on work and less time on coordination.


All data and communications are now managed from a central place, making it easier to extract important data and communicate with customers and colleagues.

Targetprocess provides real-time transparency to VINCI Energies colleagues, allowing them to react quickly to problems. Comments on work items have replaced the countless emails that used to come with collaborating on a project. Team members can check work estimations against real work, allowing them to quickly spot and fix deviations. Now everyone gives estimates, rather than only project managers.


Connecting Different Business Units

More than 15,000 work hours saved

Many of the projects in VINCI Energies' portfolio require collaboration between two or more business units. Transparency is especially important for these projects because responsibility is shared. Individuals from different teams have to come together and function as a cohesive unit without letting emotions get in the way of facts.

Jorge hopes to standardize the process for these projects, and has been demonstrating Targetprocess at some of VINCI Energies' internal events. As more business units adopt the tool, collaboration has been getting easier.

"Before Targetprocess, coordination was about getting everyone together in a room. This consumed time. Now that everything is transparent, we don't need to meet as often and we waste less time. We've been able to move from a traditional management structure to a more democratic and collaborative culture."


Recommendations for Teams Looking for the Right Project Management Tool

Adoption of a new tool isn't just about software — it's about your methodology. This is why Targetprocess works so well for VINCI Energies; their use of our tool isn't typical, but their culture of innovation and collaboration match with Targetprocess's core values perfectly.

Using a tool that doesn't match your process is useless, and using a good tool on top of a bad process will only accelerate poor results. Jorge believes that this is part of what makes Targetprocess so effective for VINCI Energies' business units. It offers a good basis when you first start out and is customizable to fit your organization's needs along the way.

We have been using Targetprocess more than three years by now and still been surprised when our teams find new ways and work areas to use it. It is really so flexible that we can nearly model and effectively use in each workflow we need. New departments and Business Units request me from to time to show them 'that tool you have with nice cards'.
Jorge Rivero Innovation Director