Get the Guide The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Agile Team

Are you currently building an Agile team or moving your existing team to SAFe? Download this guide to learn the roles that you need on your team to ensure success.

Despite their autonomous nature, Agile teams have clear roles and functions that must be filled to remain collaborative, cross-functional, and high performing.

In Agile teams, people are placed at the center of process. Each member holds ownership and responsibility for enabling the team to function and meet business expectations. As you build and scale your team, ensure that you clearly define each role for a cohesive team dynamic that enables you to deliver working software faster.

In this guide, you will:

Learn Skills to Implement Today: Get tactical tips for how to build and manage an Agile team, including checklists, meeting strategies, and how to adjust your team in a scaled Agile environment (like SAFe).
See a Thorough Roles Overview: Learn each role’s purpose and discover the roles that may be needed in the future: Product Owner, Product Manager, Scrum Master, Release Train Engineer, Agile Development Team.
Understand Your Purpose & Responsibilities: Gain a deeper understanding of each role’s responsibilities and how it serves the team and business’s greater objectives.