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TargetProcess v.2.24.1: Better Search, Link to Entity, Better Image Attachments

New release v.2.24.1 is there with many improvements.

Search Improvements

  • It is possible to search inside custom fields
  • Search by numbers works (finally!)
  • Search indexing works several times faster.

Views Improvements

The editor was improved and restyled.

Drag and Drop Images

Now you can add pictures right into the Description field via drag and drop!

Quick Links

Now you can send links to the Views quickly with a predefined format [url]/entity/[id]. For example, this link points to the entity with id = 87443:


The “share link” action has been added to all the Views, so you can send someone a link to a particular entity faster.

Quick Add Section

The Quick Add actions have been moved into a separate section, and now there’s no redirect to another page to add anything.

Fixed Bugs

  • Bugs with deleted attachments cannot be imported from Bugzilla
  • Mercurial Plugin – “unknown revision ‘3/17/2013′” error when specifying a start date in profile settings
  • Attachments are not completely removed from the server when a user story is deleted
  • TP update fails due to DB being locked by plugins during SQL update phase
  • Git plugin error “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime” if TP is installed on non-English Windows
  • ‘Mark as Duplicate’ service fails

TargetProcess v.2.23.15: Assign 2+ People, Tags Cloud, Tags Auto-Complete

This minor release includes several improvements to the Views. We are going to drop the old views very soon, so we’re catching up on the missing features.

Assign as many people as you want

Now you can assign many developers, many testers, etc. There are no limitations:

However, these multiple assignments can be seen only in the Views. For example, in a List there will be just the “…” sign showing that more than 2 people are assigned:

Fast Assign/Edit for Project

Now, if you’re in the User Story view (or the view for a Bug, Feature, etc.), you can quickly assign or change Project in the Info box on the right:

Tags Auto-Complete and Tags Cloud

It’s been pretty confusing with the tags before: one couldn’t easily identify which tags belong to this entity, and which don’t. Now the auto-complete options are suggested in the ‘add tag’ field:

You can also click on the Tags Cloud to see the most used tags:

TargetProcess v.2.23.1: Improved REST API, Enhanced Views and Plugins

In this release we were focused on REST API improvements and fixes based on your feedback. New Views were also improved based on your feedback about navigation and lack of quick add actions.

Add Stuff Quickly

Now you can add related entities on new views quickly. For example, in User Story View you can add Tasks, Bugs and Test Cases. In Iteration View you can add User Stories and Bugs.

Convert Legacy Bugzilla Plugin profiles

Now you can use the new Bugzilla plugin for legacy Bugzilla profiles in existing projects. Just convert them with the Bugzilla Profile Converter.

Bugzilla profile converter

REST API: Add/Remove Operations for Resource Inner Collections

Operations with inner collections simplify some typical actions


Add new task to user story (xml format)

Delete task from user story:

Git Plugin: View Diff for Added/Modified Files

Now you can view added/modified files and check the difference right in TargetProcess. No need to switch to another app.

Git Diff

Rank Requests by Votes

Finally you can sort Requests by Votes in TargetProcess and in Help Desk Portal as well.

REST API Fixes and Improvements

  • Reply Email address added for Project
  • Related Entities collection for Request added (read-only)
  • Generals do not return Custom fields
  • DeleteDate added for Users
  • IsPrivate, Source properties added for Request
  • Assignment not created if bug with the assignments collection is added
  • Allow update for resource if its read-only properties do not change
  • Exception during concurrent custom fields update
  • Last run date should reset to the current date if Test Cases status changes

Fixed Bugs and Small Improvements

  • #41895 Exception in Projects list: CustomField not configured
  • #39379 Auto redirect by https if http access is disabled
  • #39227 Project Team Member: Start Date added (now you can use Allocation Timeline mashup)
  • #33811 Extended ASCII displayed incorrectly in predefined report
  • #39759 Can’t send email if database is not initialized
  • #41401 Chrome: Filter pops up on using [Clear]
  • #41477 IE9: Code field expanding in Mashup Manager
  • #41609 Sample data delete: incorrect redirect for non-default port or protocol
  • #41603 Source Control Plugins: processing duplicate time records
  • #41950 Source Control Plugins: Broken layout for file preview
  • #41775 Revision info does not expand if clicked twice
  • #41728 Bugzilla Plugin: disable project selector in Bugzilla profile
  • #41388 CSV Import: stops working after getting error and re-starts as mapping is corrected

Enjoy Mashups Management and Visual Flow in TargetProcess v.2.22.9

TargetProcess v.2.22.9 is available to all On-Demand customers and On-Site Free users. Public release for On-Site customers is due in several days.

This release is quite significant as it includes a number of major improvements.

Beta Views: inner lists with inline edit and prioritization

Order bugs and tasks inside a User Story. Inline edit on the fly. Read more about improvements in lists.

Ordering and Inline Edit in lists

Beta Views: Implementation History for Features, User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Requests

This visualized timeline shows full progress including all the state changes, time spent, responsible persons, impediments, added and closed bugs, and tasks. More on how the Visual Flow can help you.

Visual Flow

Mashup Manager: basic release

On-Demand users can create their own mashups in minutes or re-use out-of-the-box mashups. Note: you need Admin rights to create and manage mashups.

Mashups manager

Multi-select custom fields (not available in Beta Views so far)

It’s finally there. If you need a custom field with multiple choices, you can now use it.

Multiple Selection

Burn Down calculation when Time Tracking is not used

Now you can have accurate burn downs even if you don’t use time tracking at all. Just update the remaining effort in Task Board and check the progress on Sprint Burndown chart.


Tasks added to Prioritize screen

Order Tasks, Stories and Bugs by their priority for your developers


REST API fixes and improvements

  • REST: Test Plan Run collection for Test Plans added
  • REST: HTTP 500 error for requests if user logged with Windows Authentication
  • REST: exception on resetting custom field value to NULL
  • Plugins: Logs and Data Folder not deleted when TP is updated

Other Fixes

Improvements in Views in the upcoming v.2.23

New Views with full inline edit are on the way. In TargetProcess v.2.23 (to be released in January) the Inner Lists will be really powerful. It will be possible to inline edit content in lists, use drag and drop to prioritize entities, and run any actions in lists.

As we collect feedback, we’re also working to fine-tune the Views. For example,  the related entities part has been improved a lot (navigation, re-ordering and changing states).

Inner List Design in new Views

We are designing Views in TargetProcess and this is how Inner Lists look like.

We took the first concept from our last post —!topic/uxtargetprocess/zCiquWLM_N0

I would like to highlight a couple of things.

Quick Add of Tasks and Bugs

Now you can quickly add a bug or task to the User Story without leaving a page.

Drag and drop to prioritize or change state

 You can easily change the priority or state of bugs and tasks using drag and drop.

Inline Edit

Change name or effort on the fly!



People assignments

Assign, reassign and find people quickly.

Effort Control

Time spent/remain indicator shows a relative size of tasks and bugs. You can clearly see what task is the largest and how much time is spent and remains.

All actions

You can use action popup to add time or convert a bug/task.

Collapsing Block

You can hide a large block to access relevant content quickly.

ID Indicator

In the inner list we combined entity-type indicator with the entity ID to use space better. 

We’ve already started the implementation and are going to release it in a month.

TargetProcess v.2.22.1 with real-time logging in plugins

Usability Improvements

Yesterday moved from More → Home to Reports.

Active checkbox removed from add project view

Add → Build action removed from the top left Add menu


Enjoy real-time logging in Plugins: troubleshoot problems as you configure a plugin profile, all on the same screen.

Fixed Bugs

  • Subversion: fails to update bug to a 2-word state (e.g. “In Progress”)
  • Unable to configure TargetProcess to work with plugins


Paging added to REST API. You can now request data like


Request returns Prev and Next pages

<Items Prev="http://targetprocess/api/v1/bugs?take=1&skip=0"

Fixed bugs

  • Cannot get for some non-assignable entities

Other Fixes

  • Search not working if UTF-8 characters are used in search string
  • Locales not applied to Custom Reports
  • Incorrect data displayed on Time Sheet if non-default culture is used
  • Views: Opening whole-page view by clicking on link on Kanban Board
  • Views: Error when switch to “task and bugs” tab
  • Views: Assignment area hung after updating effort value
  • Views: Old Releases/Iterations shown by default
  • Views: Card becomes broken and locked after changing state via new view pop up

TargetProcess v.2.22: New Email, Subversion, Test Import and REST CRUD

TargetProcess v.2.22 released and available for community edition customers already. It will go public in several days (we hope).

This release has remarkable changes in TargetProcess infrastructure. We completely re-wrote Plugins architecture and released new Plugins SDK. New Plugins based on a loosely-coupled architecture powered by NServiceBus framework. It is much easier to write a new plugins now and they are scalable. REST API is quite powerful with v.2.22 release as well, you can get, create, update and delete entities. Mashups enable changes in TargetProcess UI. As you see, this release is focused on new integration abilities of TargetProcess mainly.

New Views are really cool! You can inline edit everything. We thought out them with passion and crafted every little detail. Views are not complete yet, we are working on History, some Actions and some tabs UI. Anyway, this is a beta release and we would love to hear your feedback.

New POP Email Integration Plugin

Now inbound email integration comes as a standalone plugin which you can modify and extend.

With this plugin, inbound email integration setup is fast and easy. Now you can use one mailbox for several projects. See a detailed overview of the new Email Plugin in TargetProcess blog

New Subversion Integration Plugin

Now profiles are not tied to projects, and mapping users is a much easier with the new UI. If you use one repository path for several projects, there’s no need to create multiple profiles. All revisions will bind to each entity as per comments for these revisions.

New Test Run Import Plugin: NUnit, JUnit, Selenium

NUnit, JUnit, Selenium plugins are merged into a single plugin. The overall plugin configuration is made simpler, and you can easily check how Test Cases and Unit Tests map to each other.

New Beta Views

Feature, Task and Test Plan Run views appear in this version.
They’re now available not only from Kanban and Teams Board but also from Release Plan, Iterations Plan and Assign People (‘view info’ icon), Prioritize screen and Task Board (double click).


REST CRUD API allows to create, update and delete any entity in TargetProcess. You can create new User Stories, Time, Tasks, Projects and even Processes Check REST CRUD API on TargetProcess development site for more details

Fixed Bugs

  • OnDemands crash if an Account with no config file is added
  • TP installation on localized OS fixed
  • Check Installation Tool: errors show as info box and don’t abort installation
  • Update installation fail: Access to the “Common.Logging.dll” path is denied
  • REST: Authentication service could return admin’s token for non-admin user
  • ‘Source array was not long enough’ exception
  • User Story’s Time ToDo is not calculated correctly if Role for Task is other than for User Story
  • Views: [IE 8] Can not update effort/description after add/remove comment or description edit
  • Views: limited comment description length on REST side (no fixed limit now)
  • Views: Description area size in Edit mode too small and static (made larger and auto-expands now)
  • Views: Failure to insert image first into a blank description
  • Views: Display persons inside the Role group in alphabetical order
  • Views: Requester’s comments should be highlighted in Green

TargetProcess v.2.21.18: Inline Edit in Views (beta)

New beta User Story and Bug views are available in Kanban and Teams Board on double click. Go to Kanban Board and double click on any User Story or Bug.

Add tag, update name, description, effort or change release, iteration? It’s fast and easy now. From just a single view you can update all the fields.

Avatars are used in comments and assignments. It’s a nice way to recognize people fast and there’s no need to read names.

Assign people quickly. Find a person in a team using quick search and avatars.

You can even edit custom fields!

It’s possible to attach multiple attachments at once now. Moreover, you can just drop a file into a browser window as a popup view is open and the attachment will be added automatically.

As this is a beta version, not all actions are available so far. To convert/move entities, add time or attach user stories or bugs to request, use the old view and edit. In beta version ‘Old View’ and ‘Old Edit’ links are put under ‘Actions’ list.

As we continue working on the views, you’re welcome to have your say and send feedback.


We added a system settings check at the end of installation process, so errors are  identified quickly now.

2011-08-19 11:36:43 InstallHelper: PASSED: User BUILTIN\IIS_IUSRS has ReadAndExecute permissions on TargetProcess folder
2011-08-19 11:36:43 InstallHelper: PASSED: User NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller has FullControl permissions on TargetProcess folder
2011-08-19 11:36:43 InstallHelper: PASSED: User BUILTIN\Administrators has FullControl permissions on TargetProcess folder
2011-08-19 11:36:43 InstallHelper: PASSED: Application Pool Pipeline Mode is set to 'Classic'
2011-08-19 11:36:44 InstallHelper: PASSED: .NET framework is set to v2.0.50727
2011-08-19 11:36:44 InstallHelper: PASSED: Application Pool Identity is 'NetworkService'
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: .aspx handler is present in IIS configuration
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: Default document is enabled
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: Default.aspx is in default pages list
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: .NET framework 3.5 SP1 installed
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: MSMQ is installed correctly
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: MSMQ service is running
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: User NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE has FullControl permissions on queue Tp.Error
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: User NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM has FullControl permissions on queue Tp.Error
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: User NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE has FullControl permissions on queue Tp.PubSubStorage
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: PASSED: User NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE has FullControl permissions on queue Tp.InputCommand
2011-08-19 11:37:04 InstallHelper: System settings have been checked successfully.

Fixed Bugs

— Disabled TestTrackPro and SourceSafe plugins for OnDemand accounts
— Task is not assigned to the same release, if parent User Story is dragged to a release in Release Plan view
— ‘Open Assignments’ shows closed assignments as well
— Effort could be updated without edit permission
— An “out of memory” exception when attaching images


— Internal Error 500 if request has incomplete credentials for authorisation
— Add Required comment to Entity State

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