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8 years ago

Friday’s Digest #15 (Kanban, Velocity, Community)

  • What is Cadence? Great post explaining cadence using nice pictures. "The purpose of a cadence is to establish a reliable and dependable capability which demonstrates a predictable capacity. Cadence gives some confidence in the upcoming work when we are triggering rather than scheduling work."
  • Series of amazing Danilo Sato posts about Velocity anti-patterns: Done is not done, Making up points, Used as a performance measure.
  • Alan Shalloway has interesting and thought provoking post "Is Part of the Agile Community Acting Like the Waterfall Community of Old?" "The pattern is unfortunate - it seems that there are those who don't like discussing some thing have taken one of two approaches. If they can intimidate people who are using Scrum Alliance certifications for their livelihood, they do so. If they can't, they attack the integrity of those people they don't like (e.g., David and myself and others I haven't mentioned). "