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8 years ago

Mind Maps: Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean

Mind maps are cool. They provide a very good overview of quite complex structures and things. You may quickly scan the mind map and find interesting relations. Also it helps to create/maintain good picture of the process/structure in your head.

Agile development processes are good candidates for mind maps.


This mind map represents Scrum checklist (PDF). Looks neat and focuses on right things like Definition of Done, correct roles definition,etc. In short it is a mind map of best practices in Scrum.

More formal mind map (PDF) of Scrum process. Plenty of details and good nodes separation. And finally a small and funny Scrum mind map.

Scrum Mind Map

Extreme Programming

Two very similar mind maps of Extreme Programming, but with different details.


Small Lean mind map. Interestingly, I did not find any Kanban mind map. Seems like it is time to create one 🙂

  • Mary

    Hi Michael,

    Very cool these mindmaps. Thanks for sharing!
    Mindmap Lean software dev. without some very important stuff (Kanban,Gemba Kaizen,5 S, Magikami) nice post on Kanbanproces – within scrum- :

  • Marion

    Hi Mike,

    I think that Excel or a mind map can be good tools for the beginning. But if you are working on complex projects you will need to share information in a more structured and also versioned way.
    Scrum Tools like:
    Agilo for Scrum:
    or others you can find on are much more useful especially for distributed development.


  • Simon Baker

    Thanks for posting my mindmap – the small and funny one :). Here’s the original blog post:

  • Keith

    Great to see other software developers using whole brain tools. I have used mind maps since the early eighties, after reading Tony Buzan’s “Use both sides of your brain.

    I am a bit curious why Mike feels that the left brain tools mentioned are a “…more structured and also versioned way”. Mind maps are all about “Structure” and relationships. As for versioning, just check-in mind maps into your favorite version control tool 😉


  • Jose Alfredo Castillo

    Olga, thanks for sharing your materials are quite interesting I hope we can stay in contact I’m experiencing PM Extream Projects and need some help once in while. kindest Regards

  • Olga Kouzina

    @Jose Alfredo Castillo Thanks for your appreciation, Jose. By the way, Michael discovered some more nice diagrams helpful for problem solving and understanding how complex systems work:

  • Roman Korchagin

    Ok, first time I find a mind map useful. After reading your blog about Lean and Kanban and now looking at the Scrum mind map I feel that Scrum does not go very well with Common Sense. E.g. too much Muda. I am talking about Scrum trying to fit all work into time-fixed boxes.

  • Andrew Korbov

    See also mind map from AgilePM methodolgy. A new born from 2010, derived from DSDM. I’ts also considered as an agile practice –

  • Daria X

    Most of the links don’t work…

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