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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.16 with improved Kanban support

We've released v.2.16 with even better Kanban support. It includes:

  • Iteration-less development. Now you may switch off iterations.
  • Kanban Board on Program level
  • Lead and Cycle time reports
  • Reports improvements for iteration-less development

Other improvements include TFS integration, better navigation between projects, plugins performance speed up.

  • Cornelius Bolten

    In what way the Lead and Cycle Time is calculated here? 

  • Michael Dubakov

    @google-dbbc13726db1516ebcea51a9151e51a9:disqus  Lead and Cycle Time calculated for every user story and bug. You can see detailed report as well.

  • Cornelius Bolten

    yes but, what exactly is lead time or cycle time (which states count in?)

  • Michael Dubakov

    @google-dbbc13726db1516ebcea51a9151e51a9:disqus Lead Time = Completion Date (Done state event) – Creation Date (initial Open state event)Cycle Time = Completion Date – Start Date (Any WIP state transition date)

  • Cornelius Bolten

    Michael, is there any way to change this behaviour of cycle time calculation.

    we currently have two columns (ready to release  & customer approval) which shouldn&#39t count into cycle time, as there is no more “doing” for our team.

  • Michael Dubakov

    @google-dbbc13726db1516ebcea51a9151e51a9:disqus This logic is hardcoded and there is no way to change it unfortunately. In theory you can create Mashup that displays your custom Cycle Time for every User Story. It is fairly easy to do (if you only need it on User Story View page). This Mashup will extract a transition date via REST API into  ready to release state and calculate Cycle Time based on that. Than it will display it on User Story View page.

  • Steve Budde

    Michael, what classifies a state as a WIP state? We would like 2 states (New and Analysis) which are to be used before a story is ready to be worked. The first state which would count for a cycle time is “Ready to Start”. Can this be done? We are using TP3.