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8 years ago

How We Use Kanban Board. The Real Example.

It is always interesting to look behind the scene. In previous post I  described our development process, now I will show how we use Kanban Board in TargetProcess. Maybe it will give you some new ideas to try.

The most interesting part of every Kanban Board is its flow. So here is it:

Planned: contains all stories and bugs that are ready for development. It means they have full details/specification, so developers may start working on any item from this list anytime. Items are prioritized in this columns, first item should be taken first. Only product owner can put stories and bugs into Planned state from Backlog.

WIP Bugs: this is quite a special column. When testers find bug in just coded user stories, these bugs are drag-and-dropped in WIP bugs column. It means developers should take them ASAP to make this story Done-Done ASAP. Sometimes we put important bugs from production here as well. This state was introduced just several weeks ago. Works fine.

In Progress: shows stories and bugs that are in development now. When development pair takes a new story, the story moves here.

Coded: shows that story is implemented by developers. It is a queue for testers in fact.

Testing: shows stories that are in testing now.

Ready to Merge: we implement each story into a separate branch. If user story is in this state, it means it is implemented and tested, so may be merged into master. Every day someone merges all the items from this column.

Merged: this column contains all the stories and bugs that will be included into the next public build/release. We normally do weekly releases.

Done: shows several items included into the latest build.

Real Kanban Board

We have a large TV in the office that displays Kanban Board all the time. Daily meetings are near the TV, so everybody can see it and understand what we are talking about.

  • Christian Roy

    Thanks for sharing this Michael! I attended a kanban introduction at the Québec City venue of Agile Tour earlier this week and was impressed/intrigued/interested. The talk was about kanban practices in an IBM hardware plant. Your post is very useful in inspiring what to include in my project workflow.

  • Dave Goerlich

    Great post. I really like your tie in to your VCS process. We haven&#39t been as formal with our branching and relating it directly to a story. I&#39m going to implement that as part of our process!

  • Lertsak

    How WIP Bugs different that the Bugs that is in “In Progress” ?

  • indigo777

    mmm.. I can hardly remember as we had this board 3.5 years ago, those exact looks, now it’s different. But as far as I recall the WIP Bugs was the backlog of bugs for the whole WIP (Work in Progress), while bugs in the In Progress state are the bugs that were actually being fixed at that very moment.

  • Lertsak

    Thank you @indigo777:disqus ! it is 3.5 years ago hahaha.. what is your current board look like now ? Cheers