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6 years ago

Our Development Process

Inspired by Kanban at Lonely Planet. I think it is a good idea to share software development processes from different companies. Maybe even it would be great to create a repository of the processes somewhere on a popular agile web site/blog.



Development practices


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  • KSwenson

    Interesting how everyone gets a slightly different take at how to construct their agile process. Here is a collection of Agile “hints” that I put together for comparison:

  • DVins

    I noticed you switched to Git from Subversion, does this mean Git integration is coming soon to TargetProcess? Did you consider Mercurial (hg) or Bazaar (bzr) before settling on Git?

  • Michael Dubakov

    @DVins We’ve wanted to implement Git integration, but it appeared more complex than expected. GitSharp just released and it needs full repository copy to work with revisions. Other SC providers are not considered so far.

  • DVins

    Hopefully GitSharp will make things easier. I’ve been looking at all three and have been woefully disappointed in the kludge that Git is on Windows. I find Mercurial (hg) much better, but Bazaar (bzr) even better than that, especially on Windows. However, bzr’s branching model can be quite confusing at first.

  • Lyndsay

    Thanks for sharing this – it makes a very interesting read. I'd like to hear more about how your pairing works – you mentioned that developers switch pairs every day. Does that mean each story/bug has a primary developer who sticks with it until its done, or do both parts of the pair move onto something different every day?

    Also you mentioned two layers (sounds good) – do you have one or more development managers and if so, which layer do they fit in?

  • bdarfler

    I'm dying to know what kinda of performance tests you plan on adding to automated builds. I have been pondering this a while but I'm not sure how to go about this or what should be monitored. Our build machine is a bit slow and so tests that run on a dev laptop sometimes fail (time out) on our build machine. I have yet to find a good blog post or other information on best practices with performance tests, just that they should be done.

  • methodworx

    You keep your stories in seperate branches, how does that work with continuous integration?

    Do you have environments that each story is deployed to during testing?

  • Michael Dubakov

    Yes, we do have separate test deployment for each user story. It looks like

  • Dan

    I’m also interested in how you manage to use Git, but also “use Kanban Board in TargetProcess heavily” – or do you just not have any Git/TP integration, and just interact with TP through the web gui yourselves?

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