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8 years ago

Agile Outsourcing: Get It or Forget It?

Bringing together agile philosophy and software development outsourcing has been one of the hottest topics over the last decade.  Lots of blog posts, discussions in social networks -- people try to figure out for themselves if it's at all possible to align agile methodology with the existing reality of outsourced projects.

How can vendors who practice agile gain new customers? How can customers as newly-converted adepts paste their vision of agile thinking on their existing outsourcing partners?

First of all, let's look back into when and why actually did it all start with IT outsourcing. Manufacturing outsourcing existed since long ago, but IT offshoring only started at the end of 80's - beginning of 90's. Companies jumped at the opportunity to save bucks and use cheap labor not only for producing goods, but for producing software. So, the main point is that from the very beginning outsourcing has all been about saving money. No other notable motivation - just saving money and using cheaper labor.


Next, along comes agile manifesto. People start seeing that the waterfall approach  they've been using with their outsourcing vendors is not that good after all.  Fixed price contracts do not guarantee real value (Scott Ambler writes very well on that in this article). Next, the more labor is outsourced to some country, the higher are the costs, so the main point for outsourcing which is cost savings makes no sense any more.

There're other even deeper-lying consequences. On the one hand, the country which outsources - or businesses in this country not the country itself - they save bucks but lose in the long run as they do not grow their own engineering minds, let alone all the problems that you have working with remote teams - yes, we have all this telecom in place, but nothing ever will replace face-to-face communication. If you often go on business trips to the outsourced destination to talk to your team - again, it's more costs.  On the other hand, outsourcing makes a dangerous long-term impact on the recipient economies as well.

But the point is not about how bad or good outsourcing is.  Vendors have written an array of blog posts on how to align agile and outsourcing - and that's natural - they want to keep going, so they do everything to back up their point of view proving that agile goes well with outsourcing. This might work true in some cases.

The companies that outsource on the other hand - they have legacy outsourcing teams. They need to get going with them as well, to stand up to all the funds already invested in their outsourcing center/provider.

So with all this outsourcing in our hands - what do we do?

As an agile outsourcing vendor, you should be ready to invest lots of time and effort to educating your new customers on the value of agile and to building a solid relationship. This might be a very difficult task since some people just don't want to get educated and prefer to stick to good old fixed price bids, logging and billing for gazillion of change requests, lack of communication and other "joys" of classical outsourced development.

As a company with established outsourcing facility, you're better off. But perhaps you could be even better off if you started this relationship not with an overseas company, but with a guy next door at least.

Anyway,  you are where you are - so you would need to work with your outsourcing partner to practice the agile approach, since at the end of it all work with agile methodology brings real value, as opposed to counting short-term waterfall pennies and losing long-term gain.

  • Sameh

    Outsourcing model is similar to the distributed set-up for software development. Apart from out sourcing where, there are successful stories about distributed Scrum development. Read Distributed Team chapter in Succeeding with Agile authored by Mike Cohn. Also, Jeff Sutherland has published many success stories on distributed teams.

  • Oleg

    There also could be opposite situations when outsourcing service provider is trying to practice agile while outsourcer doesn&#39t. I would say that problem isn&#39t in outsourcing per se but rather in two different organizations working toward common goal using different approaches.

  • Olga

    That&#39s exactly what I&#39m saying – lots of dedication and patience needs to be in place to make agile work in outsourcing.

  • Sameh

    My experience in off-shore development is that the vendor is generally ready to bend its own internal best practices to fit those of the customer. After all, agile and scrum practices are flexible and scalable.

  • Abhijeet Selukar

    Very interesting perspective. While I am getting ready to set up Agile processes with offshore, I feel that there are few areas that become top priority to work on to make the agile outsourcing work (like communication). Just added couple of good links on my twitter @implementscrum from Martin Fowler and Matt Simons on Agile with offshore development

  • Olga

    Also, today I&#39ve come across a very interesting blog post:… Quote: “Interestingly a lot of what has been written about agile software processes originated from product companies where the freedom to redefine and delay scope are critical. Success with agile practices in service companies is limited.” So this issue is not only about outsourcing, but if it&#39s an IT services company or a product company.

  • Michael Dubakov

    I think agile is possible in outsourcing dev. model, however it is much more complex. Communication is a key, and you should be very creative to break the ice and open rich communication flows.

    I (personally) don&#39t like outsourcing in its pure form. However world is global now, and if you found a very good designer overseas, why miss the opportunity to try?

  • Abhijeet

    Very interesting perspective. While I am getting ready to set up Agile processes with offshore, I feel that there are few areas that become top priority to work on to make the agile outsourcing work (like communication). Just added couple of good links on my twitter @implementscrum from Martin Fowler and Matt Simons on Agile with offshore development

  • markpascall

    Interesting post. You may be interested in an article I wrote for Computerworld last year

  • agiledevelopment

    why we dnt outsources our work to india?

  • agiledevelopment

    wht we dnt outsources our work to india.

  • AndrewGolik

    Outsourcing – forget about it. Nowadays, it&#39s more about feedback and inside communication. I mean that to build software now is more about integration of existing components. It&#39s like Lego and the cost is far less then it was 10 years ago. The feedback, communication, and self-dedication are significant. Moving this to outsourcing is pain.

  • Kevin Webber

    The whole reason people outsource work is to save money, not to obtain anything of a high quality. The methodology an outsourcing vendor uses isn&#39t going to change the fact that quality has nothing to do with the whole outsourcing paradigm. I&#39ve seen more insourcing projects than outsourcing projects lately, and some of the vendor code I&#39ve had to untangle was just so utterly horrible that I had nightmares about it. Most companies that outsource just want to throw requirements over a brick wall and hope the software that gets thrown back works. I&#39ve seen what usually gets thrown back, and I could probably make a horror movie about it. 😉

  • Kevin Webber

    That&#39s a good point. If you find a designer that doesn&#39t happen to be local but is the best person for the job (and may even cost more than local talent), that&#39s a very good motivation for outsourcing. But would the designer consider themselves an outsourcer (or vendor) or would they consider themselves a service provider? If I take my clothes to the dry cleaner, I wouldn&#39t really say that I&#39m outsourcing the cleaning of my clothes, I&#39d just say that I&#39m paying for a service.

  • Michael Dubakov

    To me there is no difference. Outsourcing IS a Service. Just one more buzzword.

  • iPhone App Development

    i have read your article Really Nice one.because Now a days not only big companies like Adobe, Microsoft are doing software and product development in India at their development center. But now many other small to medium scale
    companies have started software and product development and started entering into outsourcing software product development. It is considered that, increase in business will be around 100% in offshore outsourcing product

  • Maria Tal

    The growing number of businesses, from small to big in scope of operations, turning into outsourcing product development indeed proves the effectiveness of sourcing service providers in minimizing input-maximizing output of the outsourcing businesses.

  • Maria Tal

    I do agree with you that the main point of outsourcing is that it saves money and it uses cheap labor. However, when choosing a company to do business with, it is important not to compromise the quality of the product. Take into consideration the long production run of the company. How reliable the company really is? It all boils down to having the product meet quality standards.

  • Code-Quality

    I&#39ve had to work with outsourced code from Mexico, India, and Belarus. Its crap, horrible low quality imperative garbage. They make things overly complex and incoherent on purpose so none of us real engineers will want to work with it and they might get another job related to it. They let 0 be true and 1 be false for database bit fields. They write “secure” into the name of everything and then our test engineers do nothing but find n year old massive horrible security gaps. Outsourcing needs to end, they have no intrinsic motivation to produce beautiful maintainable code for the American company working with their outsourcing task master company. I have a special notes section on my work items now for how much time was lost because of n reasons in the Belarus design/implementation. I&#39d say I could do twice as much if I never was bumping into the outsourced crap. I&#39m also very interested in bringing my talents to any other company fitting certain criteria and the foremost being no outsourcing. Outsourced software code-quality is terrible and you will suffer the crushing cost of maintenance against it. American software engineers know this by experience, managers need to believe it.

  • Wanda Jones

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  • Rafael Imas

    I worked as an offshore dev for over ten years and did my best on every single project, working as if it was my own and refusing to do things that would hurt the quality of the product I needed to deliver. Always going that extra mile in order to make good, great.
    Is not a matter of where you are, but of who you are, your work ethics, doing what you love and loving what you do.
    Now I’m at the other side of the fence, working with a couple of vendors next door that won’t distinguish good practices, if they hit them in the face. Is really, really sad and a constant fight. I almost quit last week because of this… But maybe it’s just me.
    Hope you (and I) get better luck next time.

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