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5 years ago

Fridays Digest #18 Scrum vs. Kanban

Many interesting posts and discussions about Scrum and Kanban published last weeks. Someone even called this a war :) I don’t think it is a war, but some posts indeed may drive such feeling.

I think Ken is wrong. His arguments against Lean and Kanban quite ridiculous. Sure there is no intention to treat software development as a factory and apply lean manufacturing principles blindly. Of course there are people who will try (or already tried) that and fail. But vast majority of lean community in software development do understand the difference and working on concrete practices. Lean philosophy is great, but tools and practices can’t be taken from manufacturing directly.

Pull system is more complex than Push? C’mon!

David has wise arguments and perfect position. I think Kanban will be more popular than Scrum in long-term perspective, but it will take time. Visualization is a key thing to manage complexity, and software development is a complex system.

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  • Tobias Mayer

    What is it about Scrum that prevents visualization?

  • Michael Dubakov

    Nothing, but Kanban enforces visualization, while Scrum says nothing about it.

  • neil martin

    i have to say i have a diffrent view point , i think you should not follow to the letter scrum , xp , kanban but instead you should select a set of process from all that suit the project , the company and the rate of change the company can support and this is part of an agile coaches job.

  • Michael Dubakov

    I wholeheartedly agree with this point and we do exactly this at our company.

  • Fabio Armani

    I totally agree with you position. we are doing this in our company and i translating the D. Anderson and H. Kniberg books in italian.


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