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7 years ago

Company Practice: Mini-conference

Our company is quite small (25 people). Most companies of this size focus on rapid growth and don't pay much attention to learning. We are different. Fortunately, learning is very important in our company. We boost it in all possible ways:

  • We highly encourage people to try and learn new things.
  • Every employee can dedicate up to 12% of their time to unstructured learning (5 hrs per week).
  • We organize internal trainings twice per months.
  • We organize so-called Friday Shows every other Friday where we watch and discuss some interesting videos about UX, development, business, etc.

About a month ago we decided to structure our trainings in a better way. The resulting idea was internal mini-conference. Mini-conference is a full-day event dedicated to sessions and discussions. All sessions are prepared internally. The idea is to have a very focused learning event instead of several trainings over 2 months.

Our first conference will take place this Friday. Here is the program

10:00 Registration, "wake-up" coffee
10:15 Data Visualization Alex Tsayun /45 min
11:00 coffee break /15 min.
11:15 Node.js intro Vadim Gaidukevich /30 min
11:45 MongoDB (NoSQL) intro Oleg Seriaga /30min
12:15 coffee break
12:30 Exploring Good Experience Seth Godin (guest video) /20min
13:00 History of Kanban Anton Marchenko /30 min
13:30 lunch
14:30 Performance Metrics Alex Fomin /1h
15:30 coffee break
16:00 Marketing and Sales @ TargetProcess Andrey Mihailenko /1h
17:00 free discussions.

I am really curious about the outcome. Wil people like it? Will we keep this practice? Not sure. But we are trying new things 🙂

  • Urs Enzler

    I&#39m sure that your coworkers will like it. We do the same once a year. This year it was a conference day with 3 parallel tracks – with high quality sessions held by our own employees.


  • alovak

    Very good idea! As I understand marketing team also will listen tech talks?

  • Robert Bütof

    Very good idea indeed. Please share more like this and perhaps you are also willing to share some power-point slides of these presentations?

  • Pawel Brodzinski

    They will like it. Such events is the best thing I&#39ve learned in my current company.

  • coverec

    so what was the outcome? 🙂 can you share please?

  • Александр Соловей

    Very interesting approach. I think your coworkers will love it. It would give them some presentation skills besides self-learning.
    The only question I have is where would they take enough time to get prepared?
    How often will it be?