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5 years ago

Targetprocess free for 5 users. Hosted.

If you've been looking at our Trial and Pricing page lately, you might have noticed some changes. This is not only about the 20 seconds sign-up time for the free plan. Not only about the Light version. Not only about the "on-demand" word which is no longer there.

This means that TargetProcess mostly comes as a service now, and there's no need to differentiate if it's on-demand or on-site.

This also means that TargetProcess is now provided as a free web-based service for 5 users. We made TargetProcess 5 users free pack available 4 years ago, but it had to be installed locally on a Windows server. That was a showstopper for many people. Still, many small agile teams have acted on the opportunity to work with our tool at no charge.

Now, as TargetProcess is free for 5 users and hosted, even more small teams can use the tool for their agile project management. If someone needs 6 and more licenses, the license costs need to be paid in full (it's been the same for TargetProcess Free on-site).

We've also added the Light package ($9/user/month vs. $25 for the Pro) to our service offerings. Quite often teams do not need the full-featured Pro version, and they don't want to pay for something they're not using. You can now look at the Light vs. Pro chart, figure your needs and pay for what you need, no more.

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