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1 year ago

Service Desk: major updates and On-Premise installation

Good news everyone! Service Desk is no longer in beta, and is now also available for On-Premise users. On-Premise customers can have it installed in two ways: either as an IIS application or a Docker container. On-Demand users can still activate it from the General Settings page in Targetprocess.

New Design

The interface we started with as a beta was alright, especially compared to the original Help Desk which was released in 2008. Now, we've listened to your feedback and improved it further. Some of you mentioned low information density: large descriptions for requests meant that you could see just several items on the page. We tried to make the interface more compact, but most importantly added a check-box that allows you to hide descriptions, therefore displaying many more requests on the same page:


Oh, before you ask: it will soon be possible to change the color of that blue interface area so that you can use your company colors, or just something you like more.

General Settings

Finally, we have added a Settings page right in the Service Desk application. The page is available if you login as a Targetprocess user with administrator permissions. Apart from the options we already had, like the ability to submit public requests, or to sign up or proceed as guest, we have also added some new ones. The most important addition is the ability to upload your own logo, with support for both images and vector graphics.


Projects and Custom Fields

If you tried Help Desk or the Service Desk beta before, it is very likely you faced an empty Product drop-down, or were puzzled as to why some Projects were available while others are not. Even if you guessed or read in the guide that you had to set the Product property in the info section of the Project details page, you still had to open all Projects one-by-one and check. We are sorry about that. Fortunately, we have released a more clear and convenient way of managing Projects in Service Desk: the Projects and Custom Fields tab in Settings.


Apart from showing your Projects, you can define which Custom Fields will be available to fill.

Personal Settings

You can now update your personal information and change your password. You can also upload an avatar which will be displayed in Targetprocess.


Usability Improvements

  • You can now insert inline images using the Ctrl+V short-key, or just by dragging an image into a request's description or comments
  • Last Official Reply is now displayed only if there are more than 5 comments
  • Reduced load time of the main request list
  • We don't show closed requests by default anymore, but it is optional
  • In case there are requests from multiple Processes, we now group workflow states into categories like Open, Plan, In Progress and Done to avoid any messes caused by too many states

We'd like to thank those who already tried Service Desk, and especially the awesome people who shared feedback with us. Many of the improvements we released were inspired by you, and we are extremely grateful for you being with us and helping us make the product better. We are not done yet, so please share your thoughts on how we can improve it further.


  • Dax Pandhi

    Awesome!! Going to try this out tonight. 🙂 Great job, guys! It’s looking beautiful!