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1 year ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.7: Recent Items and Browsing History

Notice: Tags Bundles Fall Into Oblivion

We've found a piece of legacy functionality from Targetprocess 2 that's been quite useless for several years — since the days when the multi-project concept was first released: Tags Bundles.

Tags Bundles are similar to a group of Tags, and were used in conjunction with features that are either outdated or have been removed. So, we wanted to let you know that we will be saying goodbye to Bundles in a few releases.

Recent Items and Browsing History

Every v.3 user has faced the challenge of quickly finding some entity which they recently viewed or modified. To fix this, we've added a special 'My Recent' tab to the views list so you can find quickly the entities that you've opened or edited lately. The tab shows the 15 most recently modified items which you own, and the 15 most recently modified items which you are assigned to. In the 'Browsed' tab, you can find a list of entities which you've opened recently.


More information: My Recent: Last Modified and Browsed entities


Fixed Bugs

  • You can customize Project cards with a new unit ('Last State Change Date') and filter Projects by the date of their last state change
  • Fixed Quick Add exception in case a 'Targetprocess Entity Type' required custom field is in the form
  • Fixed timesheet page errors which appeared if a Project's abbreviation had special symbols
  • Florian Schmitz

    Just a few thoughts:
    Tag bundles: In our old bug tracker, we had a field “module” which basically allowed specifying to which area of our application the task applied. We originally used tag bundles to have such a list of modules in TP (because it allows tags being mutually exlusive) but it didn’t prove to be very useful.

    I like the recent items idea. I think we may even need some kind of “favorites” list. There often are periods of time where you have to view/edit particular entities very often (for example, if the dev team is currently working on a large epic). It would very much help being able to “pin” entities to some location (top or sidebar) so that you can quickly access them. The most recent list might not help much there.