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11 years ago

3 Tips for TargetProcess Do-It-Yourself Training

Training is always involved when it goes about software products. You either have to learn the product by yourself, or get trained by someone who is well versed in the product, or both. When people ask about training for TargetProcess, we usually recommend to get the best of all the online content we created and published for training purposes.

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TargetProcess is indeed a very customizable and intuitive product, so with a little bit of time you can learn how to use it without having to pay for extra training. In this post, we will give you a few tips on working with TargetProcess web-site and content for training purposes.

So, you have received your trial license key and installed TargetProcess. Now, go and generate a sample project on our Getting Started page.

Next, go to our Documentation page. User Guide is a must-read. As you browse the User Guide online, be sure to refer to the sample project you generated in the first step to check how TargetProcess works for this or that functional feature. Make notes of questions on the way - you're welcome to contact us with questions. But we encourage you to find the answers yourself. The more you do it by yourself, the faster you learn how to use TargetProcess.

Our Video page and Usage Patterns page is a great aide for DIY's, as well as Quick Tour page (IMPORTANT: be sure to click through all the links on the left, not only the screenshots!)

If you need any help with training or if you want TargetProcess best usage tip for your particular business case, contact us by email or use other communication channels listed on TargetProcess Support page.

Your comments on what else can we do to improve your TargetProcess training experience are welcome.

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