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6 years ago

5 Sweet Things In Our Office

Holiday season is in the air. Thanksgiving is coming next week, and some of us have already put up Christmas trees. Swinging into the holiday mood, I'd like to share some things that I find especially sweet in our office. Not that we have only 5 of them. There are many more! I just want to share them in sensible chunks 🙂

Sweet thing #1: Cute Ginger Grater

We have this cute tiny grater for fans of ginger& lemon tea. One can slice ginger with knife, but it's this little thing that gets the maximum out of the ginger flavor. Ginger & lemon tea is very toning. It's a great beverage for the fall-winter season. No Photoshop was used in this image:
the ginger grater

Sweet thing #2: The Magical White Tree

This piece of art adorns one of our glass-walled meeting rooms. It looks especially beautiful in the holiday season. A friend of one of our DevOps engineers has painted this tree on the glass wall:the magical white tree

Sweet thing #3: The Blue Cat

This cat is a very influential guy. We use it as a token to identify who is in charge of automated test runs. The cat obviously feels some affinity with deer. Another sign of Christmas coming 🙂

a cat with the deer horns

Sweet thing #4: Inspiring Wooden Clothespins

A custom artistic installation piece on the desk of one of our QA engineers:

inspiring wooden clips

Sweet thing #5: I Love My Team badge

This one needs no commenting 🙂

I love my team

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