AE Facilitates Collaboration for Non-IT Teams Using Targetprocess
2 years ago

AE Facilitates Collaboration for Non-IT Teams Using Targetprocess

Every business needs to operate in the right kind of space. There needs to be room to work, collaborate, build teams, develop new ideas, and serve customers. These are the kinds of things taken into consideration by AE, an architectural services firm that serves businesses and ICT firms. The team of 270 highly motivated consultants have one primary concern -- being problem solvers for their customers. Bruno Lefever is the Enterprise Transition Coach at AE, who led the rollout of Targetprocess in 2017.

The Problem

Before selecting Targetprocess, the biggest challenge AE faced was finding a way to support their evolution into a network organization, leveraging the size of the company while empowering teams and taking care of their most valued resource, their people.  They needed a solution that would let them look at everything happening across the company and support those initiatives, while growing the company at the same time. The lack of customization made most tools the wrong fit for AE’s needs.

The Solution

Targetprocess offered the flexibility AE needed, with its ability to evolve with the company and support their effort to grow bigger, self-structured and empowered teams

The organization uses Targetprocess a little differently – unlike many teams that use the tool to support IT project management, AE uses it mainly to facilitate collaboration, but not specifically in IT. In the architecture space, a company delivers value if they offer an easy way to collaborate. That was the key differentiator of Targetprocess.

The Value

Targetprocess offers any company the ability to use the tool as they need to for managing their work and their growth. For the best possible experience, Bruno advises companies to define the rollout strategy that is aligned with their growth before choosing a solution. Bruno’s Targetprocess rollout to 270 users was done in waves, allowing consistency in the implementation. The team remains impressed with Targetprocess’ quality.

“Customers facing change on a strategic level would benefit most from Targetprocess.”


Watch the full interview with Bruno Lefever, Enterprise Transformation Coach at AE. Or hear from other Targetprocess customers:

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