Conclusions from the industry analyst panel at Agile2015
5 years ago

Agile adoption: when it can go wrong and why you need to persist

In case you did not attend Agile2015 Conference this year and your organization is in the process of adopting Agile you may find a recording of this panel discussion inspiring and insightful. Just several conclusions:

Problems at the Agile adoption stage arise generally in one of the two basic situations:
A) The organization is primarily focused on increasing sales & profits, then the problem is a misalignment of objectives of Agile teams and the non-Agile organization. The problem is more at the organizational level.
B) If the organization is totally focused on delivering value and delighting the customer, then the problems might be at the team level.

While all companies are turning into software companies, Agile is about so much more than just software development. Agile is a solution for the whole organization to become more innovative and successful by sincerely focusing on delivering value and delighting the customer. Frequently it denotes that changes are needed in the way the organization is run. However, as soon as there is a sync at all the levels in understanding that the traditional top-down approach is less effective in the long-term than the outside-in (customer-driven) one, this will not only foster the Agile adoption in a particular organization it will also benefit the whole economy:
- the customers for whom the work is being done
- the people who do the work
- the organization itself
- the society

Watch the recording of the panel discussion for more conclusions from:

Melinda Ballou, IT Industry Analyst, IDC
Steve Denning, Author & Management Consultant
André Grard, Senior Analyst, VDC Research Group
Tom Grant, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium
Ron Jeffries, Extreme Programming (XP) Innovator, Author, Coach, and Trainer
Jim Newkirk, VP of Service Engineering, CenturyLink Cloud (Moderator)

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