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8 months ago

Targetprocess for Android | Releases 2.11 and 2.12: Time tracker and Time History list

Our latest Android releases are focused on time tracking, and will be helpful for those of you who deal with adding time every day. We hope that you like it, and we look forward to your suggestions for improvement.

Time tracking

You can now start and pause a timer for the entity you're working on. Open the entity and tap the 'Track' button that appears next to 'Add Time'. The timer will begin. Once you've started tracking time, you might notice a clock icon over the 'Me' tab. You can always find the currently tracked entity under this tab.
You can post or reset your time by tapping on the tracker. When you're done, tap the 'Post time' button. If you want to reject the current time, press the 'Reset' button.

You can only track time for a single entity at once. You have to post or reset time for your current entity before tracking a new one.

And of course, you can still add time using the 'Add' button.

Time History

You can now see and update time entries by going to 'Time History' in an entity's details view. Just open the entity and tap on the 'History' link to open the list of time entries. If you want to edit or delete a time entry, hold your finger down on it and select the desired option from the pop-up menu.

Some other useful improvements

  • Filter by state and entity type in the Search tab
  • Assign and unassign existing users into Projects and Teams from entity views that have a Users list
  • The app will now remember Projects and entity types that were recently selected after reopening the 'Add' tab
  • The app will now remember the last tab you used after reopening the application

If you have anything you want to share with us, just use the Feedback form in the ‘Me’ tab, or send us a message at

Click here to download the Android app.

9 months ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Release 4.0: Board redesign

Over the past few months, we've been busy gathering and analyzing your feedback on our new board beta. We're now excited to share that we'll be getting rid of the old board, and we're ready to introduce you to the redesigned one!

We've already written about the lane headers that stick to the top of boards, and the new paging mode that allows you to focus on a column and swipe between different columns. In this release (version v.4.0), you will find the most wanted features that were missing in the board beta:

Drag and drop cards

Card movement is now smoother and more stable. You can also change card priority if prioritization is set to 'ON' in board settings. Please note that you cannot change prioritization settings from our mobile apps; the setting is available from the web interface only.

Quick Add cards

The '+' button now has its own reserved space at the top of card lists. Therefore, the annoying blinking of the '+' button will not bother you anymore.

Hide Empty Lanes

You no longer need to collapse empty lanes one by one—just switch on the new 'Hide Empty Lanes' options under 'View Setup'.

If you have anything you want to share with us, use the Feedback form in the app's 'Me' tab, or shoot us a message at

Click here to download the iOS app.

11 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.11.6: Miscellaneous features and bug fixes

Terms for Program and Project

For those of you who need the ability to rename the system terms used for Project and Program entities, we are glad to announce that you can finally do so.

Terms for Project can be set up individually for each process, while the term for Program is global and applied system-wide:

Inline Edit for Planned Dates, Teams, Multiple Selection Custom Field

Planned Start date, Planned End date, Teams, and Multiple Selection Custom Fields are now available for inline editing on List views:

Time Quick Add for Board and List views

We have improved support for Time in views. You are now able to not only see Time cards, but also add time right from Board and List views:

System Custom Field

You can now create fields that can only be modified by the Targetprocess system. You may need this when using metrics: if you create a target Custom Field for a metric and set it as 'System field', it won't be available for editing by users. You can find the new option for 'System field' while creating or editing custom field:


Minor Improvements

  • You can now import Users with Custom Fields
  • Views can now be starred as Favorites from view setup
  • Redesigned the top filter for views
  • You can now search for entities by ID if the '#' symbol is in the beginning of the ID

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issues with incorrect terms applied to Lists in entity details windows.
  • Improved system performance when a Team Workflow is modified.
  • When a User Story is reassigned to another Team Iteration, its child Tasks with the same Team Iteration will also be moved.
  • Turned on prioritization in views if Requests are displayed with other entity types.
  • Fixed incorrect User Story effort calculation when it is calculated as a sum of Task effort.
  • Removed the sorting icon for Calculated Custom Fields in List view headers.
  • Fixed incorrect rounding of Assigned Effort for Iterations on Board views.
11 months ago

Targetprocess Mobile Releases: iOS Board Beta and plenty of useful improvements

We've been working on quite a lot of improvements for both our iOS and Android apps. The most exciting one is a new board concept that we've introduced in our latest iOS release (v.3.6). The beta release of this board focuses on navigation, and includes the ability to swipe between columns. Lanes will always have visibility because they stick to the header. Quick Add and Drag-n-Drop are absent in the current realization, but we will be adding them soon.


If you want to share your expressions or fears about the new board concept, just let us know at

The enhancements below apply to both our Android and iOS applications, unless otherwise specified.

Relations list in entity details view

For those who need the possibility to look at items related to an entity, we've added a Relations list to the entity details view. Relations are divided into Inbound and Outbound lists.

View setup

If you're not sure why certain cards or lanes are not being displayed on a view, we’ve added the possibility to inspect view configuration. View setup is in read-only mode, but you can reset your personal Project and Team filter.


Quick Add from inner lists

Adding a new entity is now easier on our Android app, as you can add cards from the appropriate inner list. You don't have to search for Project or Team – they are preset from the parent entity.

Turn off notifications directly from the Android app

We've had some complaints about the inability to switch off notifications directly from the app. You can now do this by tapping the 'Mute' button that is located in the 'Notifications' tab.

Some other useful improvements include:

  • Added new actions for comments: Reply to, Copy text, and Delete. Long-press on a comment and select what you need.
  • Extended the Add tab in Android with all existing entity types.
  • Added missing fields into the entity details view.

Click here to download the iOS app.
Click here to download the Android app.