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12 years ago

Better Time Tracking in TP 2.2: Time Sheet

TP 2.2 will be released Feb-5 and it will have a very good feature for better time tracking - weekly time sheet. It will be possible to add time for whole week or in the end of each day very fast. Time Sheet is fully ajax-based and has such nice features as keyboard navigation, fading effect on add/delete time events, automatic remaining time calculation.

Why we've implemented Time Sheet? In general time tracking is "hard-to-setup" practice, since developers do not like add spent time. Most common arguments are "It is waste of time", "I am spending 15 minutes per day to add time! It is more than an hour per week and half a day per month!" . So time addition should be as simple as possible. Time sheet in TargetProcess makes that really, really simple. It will take no more than 5 minutes to report spent time: one place, no reloads, no hassle.

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