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Requires Targetprocess 3.6.6+

It is possible to create your own metrics with a Custom Field based on a specified Formula. To do so, create a Custom Field with a Calculated Field Type and specify Calculation Formula. The Calculated Custom Field (CCF) can have one of the following type: Number, Text, Date and Check Box. This can be determined as a result of the Calculation Formula.
The CCF can also have Units of Measurements, which would be shown near the calculated value. You can set it up if the result of the Calculation Formula is Number.

You can operate with CCFs the same as with simple Custom Fields. Within Entity details, the CCFs are shown in the Custom Fields section.
You can select them in the Customize Cards section to see them on the View. You can use them in Filters as well.


In the Calculation Formula you can use Fields of Entity and Custom Fields of Entity (except Calculated) and Fields of Parent Entities (for example, Feature.Effort for User Story CCF). MVF does not allow the use of Entity collections in the formula.
To learn what properties you can use, check this reference.

If you need to use the Drop Down field value in the formula then use IIF operator for that. It takes 3 parameters. If the condition (the first parameter) is matched, then the result is the second parameter, otherwise the third parameter would be returned as a result. You also can use IIF operator as the parameter of another IIF operator.

The Entity view would be shown like this:

Dates in Formula

If you need to increase/decrease the Entity date field, you should use AddDays method.

You can also use DateTime.Now when you need the current date in calculations.


More examples

You can set up a formula which returns True or False. In this case a Calculated Custom Field of the CheckBox type will be created.

Text is another possible type.

One more example:

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