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6 years ago

Coming Feature: Team Workflow

We are about to release a beta version of the Team Workflow feature.

As you know until now teams, who worked on the same project, had to follow the same workflow when working on tasks. This prevented teams from trying new approaches in their work, as they either would affect other team workflows or break metrics used by management. With the new Team Workflow they will be able to create and use their custom workflows for all the entities in Targetprocess not affecting other Teams. We hope it will make teams feel more agile trying new things and happier working with Targetprocess 🙂

Let's take a look at how it works.

As an example I'll use 2 teams - Alaska and California - who work on the same Leads Module project and follow Kanban approach. As they work on the same project and both use user stories as work items they have to follow the same workflow, which we call a Project Workflow now.

Having this workflow for user stories we see them grouped by appropriate states on a board:

Let’s imagine that Alaska team has decided to practice a code review. So they'd like to add Under Review and Reviewed states to their workflow. They would also want to see which user stories are in development and which are in testing now.

To do that and not affect the flow, which California team uses on this project, they can create their own Team Workflow, map the states they prefer to use to a project workflow states and select to use this custom workflow instead of a project workflow. Let's take a look at every step in more details.

First let's create a new Alaska Team workflow and map the team's states to a project's states:

We have a team workflow created with states mapped to the project flow states. The exclamation sign in the workflow means that this flow is not in use. Let's select Alaska team to use it on the Leads Module project.

Now when it's assigned we can select to use Team States instead of Project States to group user stories on a board.

Now a team can move cards through their team's states and people who track work on a project level will see the same user stories in the project's states.

When open a user story, we'll see both - project and team states - shown in the state selector.

California team can also create their custom workflow to work on user stories. Let's imagine, they'd like to plan their work better, so would like to have a new Planned state to be mapped to an Open state of a project flow.

Thus moving cards from the Open to Planned state on a team board, they will still stay in Open state from a project perspective.

Having the workflow set up we can now manage work from a team perspective as well as to see the progress from a project perspective. The cards will be automatically moved between project states when they are moved by teams between appropriate team states.

Team workflow gives one more great opportunity to make teams being able to see user stories only when they are moved to a specific state in a project workflow. To do that we just skip the states at the beginning of the project workflow, leaving them not mapped to the team worklfow states.

Thus user stories may go through many different states before development teams see them in their team backlog.

Unfortunately in this case it will not be possible to track some team metrics as cycle time for example. Good news are that this is exactly what we plan to implement in the nearest future when get feedback from you about this new functionality. Another exciting feature, which is coming, is a possibility to assign any work item, as a user story or feature, to several teams simultaneously. This will allow to fully support teams, such as teams in different departments, or functional development and testing teams, who work on items sequentially.

We hope you go ahead and try to use team workflows as soon as possible and let us know what you think about it. We look forward to your feedback!

Thank you!

Team Workflow feature team.

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