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1 year ago

DevOps Integrations: limited access to Beta version

Note: beta group is already full. Public access to basic DevOps Integrations will be unlocked by November'2019

One of the most awaited Targetprocess developments - DevOps integrations - is ready to try! This gives Targetprocess customers a wealth of new opportunities at different levels across organization, including increased convenience for development teams and better transparency for business.

Watch the recording of our webinar “How to Define the Right DevOps Metrics” we hosted together with Icon Agility Services to learn how to define and collect the right metrics to see a full picture of your value streams, including DevOps.

Get early access to the new DevOps integrations

We are happy to grant early access to a few users who wish to cooperate and share their experience while we are fine-tuning the feature.

There are a few slots this month, and we will be letting in beta users on a first come first served basis. So if you wish to get access to the integrations quickly, please let us know in our public Slack channel or contact Nadia Bulynia.

Want more details? Please read on:

Our new integration service lets you connect Targetprocess with a variety of different tools: Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, GitLab, GitHub, Phabricator, etc.

This unlocks a powerful extension as not only are these tools integrated with Targetprocess, but also with our graphical reports engine  Vizydrop and with the Targetprocess Automation Rules.

The new DevOps integrations: 

  • Improve navigation. Easily link any Targetprocess items with code repositories – attach a story to several branches from different repos or add related branches to a release
  • Give the ability to analyze complex data in Targetprocess from third-party systems. Reports such as ‘Cycle Time of Pull Requests by Teams’ or 'Completed Merge Requests in Team Sprint'
  • Automate the flow of work. It's now possible to react on actions between different systems. For example, a merge request can be automatically merged in GitLab, as soon as the tester changes the user story in Targetprocess from ‘In Testing’ to ‘Tested’

Navigate between work in Targetprocess and related repositories

With this integration all branches or merge request (pull requests), which names contain numbers, will be automatically attached to the Targetprocess entity with the same IDs.

You can have a list of all branches that related to a user story, feature or even a release.

Seamless navigation back and forth is supported. Should you click the branch name or pipeline icon, you are immediately redirected to the repository, branch or pipeline of the corresponding merge request.

Real-time synchronization. Should the branch get a failed pipeline or merge request approved or merged – this immediately appears in Targetprocess.   It's even possible to customize cards and track the code's health on a view.


If you have questions, suggestions or wish to stay in the know of all developments, please join our Targetprocess Community in Slack – #devops-integration channel. There we post updates, mockups, and other news.

As mentioned before, we invite you to join the beta group and get early access to the integrations. Let us know you want beta access to integrations via any of these options:


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