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We are proud to announce a new feature that will allow you to switch context faster and with greater ease, reduce the number of views and give those who set up views the ability to manage what filters users will see on views  — meet Custom Quick Filters.

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Our new filter expressions are extremely powerful and will unleash the flexibility of Targetprocess. Any parameters that you can think of may be applied to cards, lanes or both. Therefore, power users can set up filters in lots of new ways, while regular users will get all the benefits from the flexibility of Targetprocess just by switching between preset values. For example:

  • You, as a Portfolio Owner, want to get an overview of all the Portfolio Epics (PE) you own but want to look at them from a specific perspective no matter how varied they are. Now you can create a single view with data showing the progress for different PEs and easily switch between them using Custom Quick Filters.
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  • You, as a Team Leader, want to  avoid missing any deadlines in your team. You can now create a view with cards filtered by upcoming due dates and augment it with the filter for the assigned person.
  • You, as a Manager, are responsible for a bunch of different regions that were tracked with the help of tags in Targetprocess. No problem, use one view to maintain tasks and easily focus on the region you want.
  • You are a power user who loves to experiment with data. Now you can set up a filter to do literally anything that can be done by a DSL. Even a filter for a filter within a filter.

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The variety and amount of cases are unlimited.

Please read our guide for additional information. Also, your feedback is appreciated and will have a big impact on what our team does next. Thank you.

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