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10 years ago

Developing TargetProcess v.3.0: Lists

Lists in v.3.0 was a hot topic during today's meeting. It seems we will replace all lists in v.3.0 (such as User Stories, Bugs, Requests, etc) with lists based on the Custom Reports functionality. It will be possible to create custom lists (same way as a custom report) and to include these lists into the Main menu. For example, you may create Current Iteration Stories list or Open Stories list and include them into Planning section of the Project menu.

The other interesting idea discussed, was to provide List and Grid modes. You will be able to group by Iteration in the user stories list and see items as a grid, where each iteration is a column. It may be possible to change iteration using drag and drop. It can potentially replace Iteration Plan section completely. There are many useful applications of such Grid.

Current Custom Reports should be improved to provide great user experience.

  • Filters. It should be easy to add and change filters in the list, so filters should be accessible in one click.
  • Renderers and Colors. People should be able to set custom colors and maybe even styles to list items. For example, I want to mark all rows red for blocking bugs or gray for completed user stories. These will be a custom settings.
  • Batch actions. It will be possible to change all properties for selected stories in several clicks. For example, I may select 10 stories, click Batch action, select new Iteration, new Priority, new Assignment and save all these changes.

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