Developing TargetProcess v.3.0: Navigation (Tabs or Tree?) | Targetprocess - Visual management software

Brief summary of this article:

First thing we are going to change in v.3.0 is navigation. First discussion was quite general and first solution most likely is not ideal. We rightly identified two major different areas: inside and outside of a project. Initially we wanted to separate navigation outside of a project and inside of a project, thus having two completely different menus. But what if we can unite these areas?

Indeed, there are lot of similarities. We may just create global filter by project. If you select a specific project, you will be inside the project and, for example, Help Desk will show requests from this project. But if you select All Projects value then Help Desk will contain all requests from all your projects. This approach has several nice advantages:

  1. Main menu does not change, only sub-menu is different inside and outside of a project. It gives better perception and better learning curve.
  2. Global project filter is an easy-to-adopt concept. You always know where you are.
  3. When you switch project, you will remain in the same area. For example, now you are in the backlog of project Alpha. You change project and appeared in the backlog of project Beta.

It may look like this:

Option 1. Tabs

We've received several requests to add left panel with a tree navigation. I never thought it was a good idea, but you never know till try.

Option 2. Tree

The question is do you like tabs or tree? It seems both approaches has own advantages and it is really hard to select the best one. We are looking for your opinion!