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10 years ago

Developing TargetProcess v.3.0: Navigation

Today we've discussed navigation problems in TargetProcess and all agreed that we have four major issues:

  1. Similar labels in menu (for example, Reports inside a project area and Custom Reports in top menu).
  2. Too many links in the header (for example, in Project -> Planning area there are 31 links to click).
  3. Menu structure and how to get into required place (why Tags Board is in the Dashboard section?).
  4. It is not clear whether we are inside a project or outside.

We've come up to several improvements that may resolve the problems.

First, we agreed that there were two major different areas: inside and outside of a project. If a user is inside the project, he focuses on project's tasks and will likely not go to Admin or Projects list. So we decided to separate global menu and project menu. It means that inside the project user will not see the top level menu, but just Back to Home link. Also there is no company logo and company name in the project area. It may look like that (just a mockup, not sure about final design):

Benefits? Sure, there are plenty!

  1. 17 links instead of 31 and more air in the menu.
  2. No frustration where to click.
  3. Clear sign that we are in the project area (large gray project name).

There is only one downside - one extra click if you need to change settings in Admin, check custom reports, etc. if you are inside a project. Quite rare operations to sacrifice simplicity.

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