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11 years ago

Developing TargetProcess v.3.0: Redesigning Comments List

We are redesigning comments to make them more usable. Redesign includes clear formatting and some functional improvements. Current comments list has several problems as you see:

Here is the list of ideas:

  • Currently to add a comment user should click add link and the form appears on the bottom of the list. The add link will be removed and comment form will be always visible.
  • Currently when user clicks Edit, the comment content loaded into rich editor in the bottom of the list (frustrating!). In new design it will be almost like inline edit with no focus loss.
  • It will be impossible to use custom styles in comments. In some cases comments list becomes a mess, so just clean HTML messages will be saved and all other stuff removed.
  • Edit and Delete links should be there, but these actions are quite rare. To reduce quantity of visual elements, these links will be hidden by default and visible on mouse hover only.
  • It is definitely better to see something like "comment added 2 days ago" than "comment added 12-12-2009"
  • Comments from customers will be highlighted in the list to make them quickly identifiable.
  • More space will be added between comments.

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