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9 years ago

Development Practice: Design Ideas Board

Feedback cycles are very important in software development process. To create cool products we need to get feedback as early as possible, and we need this feedback fast. Design Ideas Board is an interesting way to collect feedback from co-workers on design and UI decisions.

How it works? Mount a large cork board in a busy office location with good people traffic. Anyone can pin a design, a wireframe or anything like that. Then anyone can use sticky notes to provide feedback (make sure that marker and sticky notes are available right there).

Targetprocess Image

Targetprocess Image

Here are some examples: a new web site product page design idea with several critical notes:

Targetprocess Image

A view area redesign sketch with ideas on tags improvements:

Targetprocess Image

Here's the full view of  our Design Ideas Board:

Targetprocess Image

Why is this board so good? It works as a live information radiator, improving design WIP visibility and fostering team collaboration.

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