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We launched our new Estimation tool in April, and during the last quarter have been collecting your feedback. We’ve improved our solution and continue to work on it based on your most frequent requests.


  • In order to see voting results immediately once everyone has voted, we’ve added an “Auto display results” option, which is available for any type of voting.
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  • To support use cases with fractional numbers and any other custom voting sequence we’ve added a “Custom” option, where you can enter any number separated by comma. For example: 0, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.
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  • A member that’s about to vote now has opportunity to change his vote while his teammates votes are still in progress.

Fist of Five (Confidence vote)

Fist of Five voting is a facilitation technique that scrum masters use to see where everybody stands regarding the decision. The leader makes a statement, then asks everyone to show their level of agreement with the statement by holding up a number of fingers, or fist, which makes our scale 0 to 5. Where 5 is “Yes! I’m 100% aligned with the value statement” and 0 is “I object and will block consensus”.

In the past couple of months we’ve implemented this technique as a part of our Estimation tool. The mechanism of confidence voting is close to other types. The team member who votes below 3 has an opportunity to specify the reason. Results are appended in comments by default.

You can enable the button for confidence voting on any entity.

Separate Buttons

We've added the ability to include any of the three existing voting type buttons separately to any type of entity. Go to Settings -> Detailed View. Select the Entity type and switch to the Customizable view (check out this article for more details). Insert the following code:

For the “Estimate work” button:

 "type": "estimateBtn",
 "properties": {
   "title": "Estimate Work"
 "componentId": "estimateButton_iwl76tn"

For the “Measure happiness” button:

 "type": "happinessBtn", 
 "properties": { 
   "title": "Measure your mood" 
 "componentId": "happinessButton_iwl77tn"

For the “Confidence vote” button:

 "type": "confidenceBtn",  
 "properties": { 
   "title": "How confident you are?" 
 "componentId": "confidenceButton_iwl78tn"

Let’s add it below the Quick Add button in the list of components:

Icons for the corresponding vote type will appear on the entity view:

Automation Rules

To extend the functionality of the Estimation tool further, we’ve added support for an Automation Rule. Now you can create an automation rule to execute your own custom logic.

For example, you can create an automation rule that will apply average results of happiness voting to a custom field. You can build your own report based on the custom field to see how the trend has changed during a quarter.

Create your Automation rule:


Set up a custom field for the entity type to which the result will be applied:

Build a report:

Here is an example of this type of rule:


 "type": "source:generic",
 "clientId": "estimator",
 "payloadType": "result-applied" 

Then execute Javascript function

const customFieldName = 'Custom Field Name'
const average = arr => {
 const av = arr.reduce((p, c) => p + c, 0) / arr.length
 return Math.round(av * 100) / 100
const getUpdateCommand = (entity, votes) => {
 const voteValues = => parseFloat(v.value))
 const averageValue = average(voteValues)
 return {
  command: "targetprocess:UpdateResource",
  payload: {
   resourceId: parseInt(, 10),
   resourceType: entity.entityType,
   fields: {
    [customFieldName]: averageValue
if (args.payload.session.type === 'hapiness') {
 const entity = args.payload.session.entity
 return getUpdateCommand(entity, args.payload.votes)
}else {'Not supported session type.')

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