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12 years ago

Finally, TP 2.0 Released.

TP 2.0 was finally released last week!. We did not celebrate this remarkable event yet, but beer was already purchased and would be used this week for sure 🙂 I should say that TP 2.0 took a lot of effort and we are proud to announce that the final result exceeded our expectations. The journey had just begun!

We’ve gathered as much feedback about TP 1.7 as possible from our customers and eliminated many mistakes and crude points in the new product. We’ve designed user interface with target users in mind and made frequent tasks easy to do. We’ve implemented many productivity features, like TP.Tray, quick actions, drag and drop, saved filters, etc.

If you were to ask about the goal of TP 2.0, the answer is : “To Simplify people’s life”. Yes, TP 2.0 helps individuals who play project manager, product owner, QA engineer or developer role on their daily jobs. This is the real goal and is also just a beginning. We are not inventing new IDE or development platform, we are not inventing yet another methodology to burden people. Instead, we are creating supplementary “glue” for project teams. Why supplementary? Because people in project team are the main glue by themselves. I don’t want to sound like a salesman, but TargetProcess is all about people and their needs to maximize the efficiency of the product development cycle . Therefore, when our customers talk - we listen.

From technical side we’ve built a solid framework based on NHibernate with nice code generation. We’ve implemented over 500 unit tests. We’ve learned a lot about AJAX and made UI as responsive as allowed by latest MS AJAX version (By The Way, Microsoft caused us some pain when completely changed API in their Atlas framework. We’ve spent additional 2-man weeks before the final release refactoring AJAX-based functionality).

It took us 7 months to release TP 2.0, but over the course of that time we generated so many new ideas for the future releases of the TargetProcess that would continue to make it the finest agile project management software on the market. We are going to push out new releases each month! We will also keep you posted on our experience, code and ideas. Stay tuned!

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