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13 years ago

Free Tp.Tray – Capture Screenshots, Submit Bugs

We’ve released TP.Tray tool that supports two things so far:

  1. Capture screenshots, add comments and save them as JPEG
  2. Post bugs into TargetProcess without web browser with attached screenshot.
Important: You should have .NET 2.0 Framework and WSE 3.0 installed.
You may download them from:
.NET 2.0 Framework 22M
WSE 3.0 (1.2M)

Tp.Tray is a free tool, so you may download it and use for screenshots capturing. Process is simple. Install Tp.Tray in few seconds; run Tp.Tray and push Ctrl+B. Screenshots capturing mode will be enabled. You may use small window on the right for precise selection

Select area and push Enter. Simple image editor will appear

You may add comments and draw lines, not too many actions, but enough for 90% cases.

TargetProcess 2.0 users will advance from Sumbit Bug option. You may try it right now with our demo server. First, set login parameters as shown on picture below (login/pwd: admin/admin).

Then after screenshot capturing click Submit Bug button.

Fill required fields and click Submit Bug. You may open web browser and view just added bug. Your comments are welcome!

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