Friday's Digest #1 | Targetprocess - Visual management software

I read a lot. As a generalist I read about almost everything related to software development: design, UX, client-side, architecture, processes and business development. Quite often I find interesting articles, products, announcements, trends and want to share them. So I decided to gather this info and publish on a weekly basis. You have a good chance to know what bothers me 😉

  • Open-source JavaScript logging and profiling utility. Author claims that you may forget about alert(). I tried it and looks good indeed. Well-thought utility!
  • Conway's Game of Life is a very interesting thing. It is a very simple cellular automaton. The system based on four very simple rules and expresses emergent and very complex behavior. You may play online. I spent an hour yesterday 🙂
  • Uservoice allows you to capture people feedback about your product. Looks nice. Web site too particoloured though.
  • Nice Kanban overview from James Shore.
  • Maybe you are aware about StackOverflow, but I just hit it last week. The idea behind the web site is simple, but implementation is really cool. They managed to create perfect Q&A web site. Quite often question answered in minutes. That's fantastic! I like it.

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