Friday's Digest #2 [Ideas, Tools, Economy] | Targetprocess - Visual management software

11 years ago

Friday’s Digest #2 [Ideas, Tools, Economy]

Some links I found interesting last week.

  • 37 Ways to Design the Comments Form. Well, some forms are really ugly, but some are very nice.
  • Mike Cohn launched new web site "The site is specifically aimed at soliciting reviews and ratings of the various product backlog / agile project management tools". Post small TargetProcess review if you have own opinion 😉
  • One more interesting tool for ideas management.
  • How small iterations may be problematic for your project. Amazing article from Alistair.
  • Paul Graham wrote an article about Startup and a Bad Economy. Really, why investors sell when the market is bad? They should sell when market is good 🙂
  • Interesting comparison of Twitter and Yammer. "In any case, the economic crisis might leave growth-oriented companies like Twitter with little choice but to start focusing on the bottom line [revenue]."

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