From Waterfall to Agile: How Geodan Found Success with Targetprocess
1 year ago

From Waterfall to Agile: How Geodan Found Success with Targetprocess

Who is Geodan?

When you are an innovator and solutions provider, it is not only critical to manage what your team is working on, but a way to visualize what you are thinking of next. Amsterdam based Geodan found this support in Targetprocess.

Geodan is one of the leading geo information and communication technologies (ICT) companies in Amsterdam. They specialize in developing innovative GIS solutions, geographic data, Internet solutions and education for corporate clients and government.

The Challenge: Using the right approach

Originally, the team used the Waterfall approach for all of their work, developing a product over several months and delivering it to the client and gathering feedback at the very end of the project cycle. They began to apply Agile to some projects, and found that they could share their progress with the customer as they progressed, which was a much better use of time and resources. If the customer wanted a change or if there was an issue, it affected only two weeks of work as opposed to several months. It was clear that they should become a 100% Agile organization.

The Solution: Targetprocess for Agile implementation

The team realized that as an Agile organization they would need a professional tool for tracking, communication and collaboration. They chose Targetprocess because of its flexibility, and the ability to customized views and iteration plans.

Elmer Cladder is the Information Manager with Geodan, who is currently working on a new geo location API. A 10-year member of the Geodan team, he has experienced the way Targetprocess transforms the development process. He likes the ability to add his user stories and customize those views, which is perfect for generating new ideas and solving problems.

In addition to flexibility and customization features, the Geodan team was impressed with the support and availability Targetprocess provides. It has turned out to be a big bonus for the company, especially the chat function that is always ready in the tool.

“You can just out your voice out there and someone is with you directly, and then they follow up by email…its really awesome.”

Watch our full interview with Geodan Information Manger, Elmer Cladder.

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