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4 years ago

New Feature: Continuous Team Workflows for teams collaborating in sequence

At Targetprocess, we strongly believe that your project management tool should adapt and grow together with your company; it should be easy to adjust the tool’s configuration to fit your current process, and to update it later when your company process is changed. That is why we try hard to enable you to follow your target process.

Previously we introduced the Team Workflow feature which allows teams to create and use their custom workflows for all the entities in Targetprocess which do not affect other teams. However, there are many other possible scenarios for organizing the collaboration of multiple teams in your company. For example, several teams might need to work on the same entity. Until now, they used different workarounds for this purpose: they might have created duplicate entities or used relations to link several teams to one item.

We are proud to announce our new feature: Workflow Management for Functional Teams.

The new functionality will be interesting for companies who have teams working sequentially. Accounting, Marketing, Designers, Development are examples of such teams. They are often called functional teams.

From now on, several teams can work on the same item - e.g. a feature or a user story - one after another. So, the final state of the item in the workflow of one team is its first state in the workflow for another team.

For example, you might have Analysts, Development and Delivery teams working sequentially on a user story in a project:Functional Teams

The work is started by the Analysts. When the Analysts move a user story to the state which is final for their team, the Development team takes the responsibility for it.

The “Done” state of the Analyst team’s workflow is mapped to the initial state of the Development team workflow. This enables passing a work item from one team to another automatically. Below here is an example of the team workflows setup:

Team Workflow Sequential case

When we open a user story assigned to the Analyst, Development and DevOps teams we will see these teams’ states under the corresponding project states:

Team States Selector

Any team can create their own view by choosing the Team State for the vertical lanes in order to see this team’s part of work only.

When the Analytics team moves a user story to the "Done" team state, it automatically goes to the Development’s "Open" team state (as they are mapped to the same project state) and disappears from the Analysts’ Kanban board:

Functional done states

For more use cases and FAQ, please visit or contact our Support team.

By default, the new functionality is enabled:

  • for all new Targetprocess accounts created after January 19, 2016
  • for all the existing accounts where at least one Team Workflow has already been set up

If you would like to check out this functionality for your teams, don’t hesitate to email with a request to enable this feature for your account.

We’d love for you to try it and let us know what you think!

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