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12 months ago

Goodbye webhooks, hello Automation Rules

Our Webhooks plugin was first introduced four years ago. At the time it was aimed mostly for external integrations. To our surprise, it became very popular for the automatic actions inside Targetprocess.

In hindsight, while Webhooks are great they have certain limitations. The main three are:

  • the list of fields Webhooks can work with is very limited.
  • Webhooks can send information OUT of Targetprocess, but cannot accept it inbound from other tools.
  • Webhooks can send only one POST request. Any use case with several POSTs, or GETs and DELETEs is not possible

The more feedback we received about Webhooks the more clear the vision for a new, more powerful feature became apparent. As a result, last year we released Automation Rules. Today we are proud to announce the rules are officially out of beta.

The Automation Rules can do everything Webhooks did and a lot more. You are welcome to set up Incoming Webhooks, time-based rules, work with collections, relations etc.

Simple rules can be set up from the UI. For complex solutions you have JavaScript at your disposal.

Every Rule has its own log of the runs and actions for easy troubleshooting.

Several hundred Targetprocess customers already use Automation Rules on a daily basis. The most common scenarios include automatic entities creation, user assignment, state change, inheritance of native and custom fields between entities etc.

Now, the time has come for the Webhooks plugin to retire. Don’t worry, we will not drop it right away. We are going to work closely with you to migrate ALL existing Webhooks to the Automation rules. Dozens of rules for the most common scenarios are already available for you to just copy and paste into your account:

Feel free to explore this new area and contact us any time you have difficulties setting the rule.

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