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7 years ago

Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office

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This is a very exciting week. We're leaving  the old office  - wow, we've been staying here for 3 years! - and moving to the new one. Office moves are always exciting. They add a tinge of chaos, complexity, and give a fresh new drive to the usual office life. If you work for quite long to build the product up to the vision that you have, it might get boring at times. You might be losing gusto, so apart from the purely practical need - well, we really DO need more office space now - this event is like stirring the low-lying waters, to get even more clarity and focus once the mud settles down.

Like with many other things, there's the eagle view vs. the hedgehog's view. What I call the "eagle view", is coming up with an overall design of the new office space, having the vision of how the activities will run there, taking care of big things that eagles presume would let the smaller things get resolved by themselves. Michael has used the  foxes and hedgehogs metaphor in his post on learning, so I'm catching on it, but with a bit different take on hedgehogs in the context of office moves.  Hedgehogs are more concerned about who will sit where, and while we do have a draft plan for that, the very details are not quite clear. Looks like we'll be moving like molecules in the Brownian motion before we finally settle down.

So, where are we actually moving? This is a 3 tower building, and we're taking one of the levels, spanning across the 3 towers, with  10,764 sq ft (!) of space. The most amazing part for me about the new office is that the towers actually have the round walls! Like in the medieval European castles.

The New Office

Here's the eagle view plan of the new office:

The New Office

That's the interior design for one of the towers, we call it the Green Tower:

green tower

Here's the Orange Tower:

Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office. Image 3That's the Blue Tower:

Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office. Image 4

The Old Office

While the move is a chaotic fun event, there's a little bit of nostalgia about leaving the old office. We did have some good times here. When we moved to this new old office 3 years ago, we were not what we are now, so the old office has helped us grow and develop. This office held the creative energy space , and I will keep fond memories about it.  Well, after all it's been only a 5 minute's drive from my place, and the new office is a 10 minutes' drive! (*ironic*)

Just a few sentimental pictures, as a token of gratitude to the old office.  A tummy cat sits on the book shelf, peeping on the Mac screen.

The Old Office

The old designer's room, full of light and good vibes.

Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office. Image 6

The room we used to refer to as the "sports room". Not exactly, the guitar was also there. Now in the new office we are about to have not just a room for sports but what can actually seem like a sports hall, with about 500 sq feet space.

Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office. Image 7

A small coffee table with illustrated art books and magazines:

Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office. Image 8

That's my favourite pet. Zamioculcas, also called "the dollar tree", mind you. I find this plant fascinating. We brought it to the office about 2 years ago, it was quite big already, and now it looks like a piece of tropical rainforest. I adore the lavish greenery of zamioculcas, and my desk is totally hidden behind it.

Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office. Image 9

Actually, this is my biggest hedgehoggy concern about the move. How are we supposed to move the tropical rainforest plant from one building to another, if this nasty winter is still there,  and the temperature outside is below freezing? Hopefully, zamioculcas will survive the move and grow stronger. Just as us, people.


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