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TargetProcess has Help Desk on board. I think it is important to have close relation with customers, to collect their feedback and react on issues and ideas. We've designed Help Desk Portal for that purpose. It is a separate simple application integrated with TargetProcess via API. Customers may post ideas, requests and questions via Help Desk Portal, vote for requests, post comments.

Over the last year, Help Desk Portal has become quite a popular bit of TargetProcess. People use it a lot. But it suffers from many problems:

  • Search is not there (so far, scheduled for the next release :).
  • When someone posts a request, it is impossible to check for duplicates (what if we have the solution already?)
  • Lack of filters.
  • It is not exciting to use.

The last issue is a tough one. It is quite hard to make people happy when they are using a tool like Help Desk portal. It is a matter of usability and design, but I believe it can be solved.

Curiously, there are several fresh examples of startups that focus on company-customer interaction. I personally like UserVoice and GetSatisfaction. The idea behind is similar to Help Desk Portal, but implementation is a way better. Currently we are evaluating options, but it seems we will move to the same direction.

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