Helping inray Industriesoftware Make Industrial Operations Smarter
2 years ago

Helping inray Industriesoftware Make Industrial Operations Smarter

Who is inray?

One of the leading specialists for industrial software, inray Industriesoftware offers a variety of 4.0-ready solutions for data management pertaining to both operational technologies (OT) as well as enterprise information and digital automation technologies across manufacturing industries. As experts in data communication, especially in digital network automation, inray offers an extensive portfolio of industrial software solutions.

inray offers software and tools that transform industrial operations into smart factories. Their OPC router connects different systems that, traditionally, cannot connect. They have developed a wide range of plugins used for system cross-communication, allowing customers to control data flow and create detailed diagnostics, freeing them to focus on production regardless of industry

The Challenge: Improving communication, collaboration and service

inray began to grow rapidly from their beginning, and with multiple projects in flight for large industrial customers, issues that impeded project development began to reveal themselves. Issues such as:

  • Lack of visibility into team effort, limiting ability to share ideas, suggest or incorporate changes
  • Customer service by phone and email only, preventing tracking, measurement, and improvement

The company needed to structure their teams effectively and look at their work with different views. Teams needed to be able to work together and make decisions in real time, but also measure and improve how they executed the work, without relying on multiple tools. They wanted a single-source, customizable solution that could provide visibility into performance measurement, resource allocation, risk management, issue resolution and customer support.

The Solution: Targetprocess for teamwork and tracking

When inray discovered Targetprocess, they found the features compatible with how they did business, and the flexibility of the tool continues to support their projects across a number of areas:

Managing Customer Service

Help desk and support requests have been fully integrated to allow inray to manage and track their response rates for product support requests for five products (over 4,000 in 2017).

Completing Project Deliverables

Team States helps production, QA, technical documentation, and across all working teams.

Maintaining Flexibility & Visibility

The ability to easily configure, write and add requirements in the tool makes it easy to make changes and bring ideas together.

Bo Biene, head of software development, leads six teams who work on continuous product enhancement tasks for several products, including the inray OPC router. His teams use rely heavily on Team States to stay in sync. With Targetprocess, they can keep sight of important work items in a maze of planning, programming, testing, and documenting tasks for multiple assignments.

Growing together

inray has now used Targetprocess for 10 years—almost the entire time they have been in business. Over the course of their relationship, the company and the solution have evolved together.

The inray slogan is “We make production transparent.” For them, this means that every part of an operation should be visible, to support better communication and collaboration. With its similar emphasis on smart data visibility, Targetprocess supports inray in achieving that goal.

“TP is unique because you can configure the view of work items the way you need and look at them the way you need. It’s really awesome.”- Bo Biene, head of software development


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