Boost the productivity of your agile project teams
4 years ago

How to derive greater value from Targetprocess and boost the productivity of your agile teams

We know that learning how to use a piece of software and mastering all of its features and little details can take time -- especially when new updates and functionalities are continuously being released. So, to fully synchronize your teams with Targetprocess and unlock its true potential, we offer onsite workshops with our product specialists that can be held right in your office.  

Workshops run for 3-5 days, and everyone will walk away with the tools they need to crank up their productivity with Targetprocess. Every workshop is different, but there are a few things you can expect to see (depending on your specific needs and current level of experience).

If you’re just starting out with Targetprocess or need to add new users to an existing account:

The new user training is the best way to kickstart your collaboration and get all your team members on the same page.

  • Our product specialists will analyze your organization’s workflows, structure, goals, and overall process to determine how your teams’ can use Targetprocess to achieve the best possible collaboration.  
  • Our specialists will set up your Targetprocess environment to support your unique process and workflows.
  • User training in the form of group workshops and individual consulting will be given so everyone understands how they can use Targetprocess to support their individual roles and better collaborate with team members.  
  • After all questions have been answered and everyone is set up in their roles, we’ll collect feedback and compile a custom “getting started guide” for your teams based on the results of the workshop.

Advanced training:

It often happens that, after you have used your project management software for some time, your team has grown, workflows have changed, projects have become more complex and the tool itself has grown in functionality which is unfamiliar to both the original team and to new team members on your side. Or, perhaps you’ve mastered the fundamentals of Targetprocess and wish to take your use to the next level. Either way, our onsite advanced training is the best way to charge up your teams and boost their productivity.  

  • We’ll do a health-check on your Targetprocess environment to learn what areas our training should target and how we can fine-tune the software to work best with your process.
  • We will deliver group workshops and individual consulting aimed at helping everyone to master the new functionalities and further develop their use of Targetprocess to fully support their individual roles.
  • You’ll receive custom-made solutions for your teams that match their specific needs and your organization’s process.
  • When everyone is confident that they’re now a Targetprocess wizard, we’ll collect feedback and compile a custom user guide for your teams based on the results of the workshop.

To get the feel of how an onsite workshop can help both new users and your veteran team members, read a summary of our recent workshop at Caterpillar Inc.

Some possible topics for onsite workshops:

  • How to bring people in different roles up to speed and help them unleash the potential of Targetprocess for their specific role  
  • How to configure Targetprocess to reflect your organization structure and to effectively support your custom processes and workflows
  • How Targetprocess can be used to enable full visibility across multiple teams and different processes, including Development, QA, Resource Management and Product Portfolio Management

We work hard to help people create great things together using Targetprocess.  We want to help your teams excel, so let us show you how you can get more value out of the software!

To request an onsite workshop for your company, click on the link that’s most relevant to you:

Please note, you can customize the agenda, duration and other details - contact your Targetprocess Product Specialist!

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