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11 years ago

How to Use Custom Reports to Generate Efforts and Cost Totals in TargetProcess

Quite often we're asked questions on how to align TargetProcess agile framework with down-to-earth life — like expenses forecast, sum of efforts based on resource usage for each particular activity, the total cost of the project. These items sound more MS Project like (check what we think of MS Project) but we give credit to the real business needs and in this post we'll share a technique to get those reports and calculations.

Suppose, you're planning a project. You need to calculate the efforts and costs for QA, implementation, deployment to production, post production support etc. Each user story has all these stages, but they intertwine without following each other linearly (read more on the benefits of feature-based development vs. stage-based development )

To track these activities/stages across an iteration or a release, you can create tasks within a user story, like here:

Targetprocess Image

You can create custom report that will calculate total time for Specification, Development, Testing, Test Cases across iteration. Here's how:

Targetprocess Image

And here's the report:

Targetprocess Image

Time reports can be used for cost calculations based on an hourly rate.

You're welcome to comment and contact us with questions about your particular custom reporting case.

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