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5 years ago

Infoviz: Taxonomy of Names In Sports Leagues

I've bumped into this amazing infographics in an equally amazing book. This chart gives a visual taxonomy of the US sports team names in football, baseball, basketball and hockey. One can see that the names are broken down into 4 groups (Abstracts, Animals, Objects and Peoples). The icons refer to sports; the pie charts show distribution of name types.

the whole image of taxonomy

That's a zoom in on a 1/4 of this poster:

taxonomy of team names

That's the upper part:

taxonomy of team names _upper

That's the bottom part, with Peoples:

team names taxonomy_people

That's the leagues breakdown. One can see that a team with a reptilian name has won a championship only once.

teams championships won

This poster accommodates lots of information, sorting through the array of names. Some of the names originate from a poem (e.g. Baltimore Ravens), some from myths. It would take a lot more time and space to convey this taxonomy using only words.

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